Human Resources Diploma


Program Description

The Human Resources Department is the lifeblood of any successful company, from hiring to developing and retaining top calibers the HR department is directly responsible for advancing organizational growth through human capital. The Human Resources Diploma will be of great value to you if you’re responsible for employee resourcing, employee development and employee relations activities. The program will provide you with a comprehensive and in-depth outlook on human resource management activities.

Learn how to:

  • Connect between professional HR management and broader strategic aims.
  • Identify and recognize key ethical and legal issues that affect HR practice in general.
  • Self-learn, self-assess and self-develop through supporting activities.


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    • Human resource professionals who want to expand their knowledge to gain an academic perspective, in addition to their professional experience.
    • People who want to shift to human resources from other related or unrelated fields.
    • Managers who want to understand and develop their abilities in managing people.
  • Strategic Management Course (Pre-requisite for the program)

    • Identify and use concepts of strategic thinking, and applying them in managing organizations
    • Identify and take part in strategy formulation
    • Set action plans for implementation
    • Realize and understand the need for change and how to approach it

    Course 1: Recruitment and Selection 

    • Introduction to human resource management and strategic staffing
    • Job competence analysis and workforce planning
    • Employee recruitment, selection methods and techniques
    • Employee retention and downsizing

    Course 2: Training and Development 

    • Training and developing employees
    • Performance management and appraisal
    • Managing careers

    Course 3: Compensation and Benefits

    • Introduction to link the subject to the overall HR field and functions
    • Establishing strategic pay plans
    • Pay for performance and financial incentives
    • Benefits and services

    Course 4: Employee and Labor Relations 

    • Laws affecting employee and labor relations
    • Employee involvement strategy and quality work life
    • Human resource policies, procedures, work rules and handbook
    • Collective bargaining, collective labor agreement and litigation
    • Methods of recruitment and contracting
    • Employees rights and duties

    Course 5: Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) 

    • Relationship between information technology, information systems and management of information systems
    • Related human resource development applications
    • Integration with core system
    • Access of information and report extraction

    Graduation Project

    The project integrates the objectives of the different modules through a practical approach that will allow participants to gain hands-on experience, which will lead to more effective implementation in their workplaces. 

    • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with a minimum grade of “good” or a minimum grade point average of 2.3.
    • For applicants who graduated from university with an overall grade of “pass,” two years of professional work experience is required.
    • Applicants should pass the Standard English Proficiency Test (SEPT).
    • AUC graduates and ExecEd alumni are exempted from the Standard English Proficiency Test.