Total Quality Management for Health Care Professionals


Program Description

No matter the type of business or industry you’re in, the quality will always be a cornerstone for success and sustainability. Realizing the organizational value of quality, Total Quality Management was conceived through the synergy of quality and management tools aimed at enhancing business performance and reducing losses associated with wasteful practices.

The TQM for Health Care Reform will introduce you to the modern tools and techniques necessary for establishing a fully operational quality system that actualizes your organizational goals all while adhering to international standards and best practices.

You will learn how to:

  • Lead quality activities at your health care organization by acquiring up-to-date knowledge about quality management to drive dramatic and ongoing improvements in health care values in Egypt.
  • Use concepts, tools, and techniques necessary for the application of internationally recognized quality system standards such as ISO 9000.
  • Actively participate in clinically designed teams that carry out planning and improvement projects in health care organizations and create a renewed standard for health care personnel in Egypt.
  • Acquire up to 70 percent of the body of knowledge required for the Health Care Quality Certification Board (HQCB) exam in the United States.

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    • Individuals requiring a working knowledge and understanding of TQM.
    • Quality professionals.
    • Management representatives.
    • New and experienced candidates in quality who want to use the TQM framework, as well as proven approaches and tools, to become more effective on the job.
  • Course 1: Planning for Top Quality in Health Care Services

    Introduction to Quality Planning

    • Steps 1 and 2:
      • Establish the project & Identify customers
    • Steps 3 and 4:
      • Discover customer needs & Develop services
    • Steps 5 and 6:
      • Develop a process & process controls

    Course 2: Quality Environment System Standards in Health Care

    • Introduction to quality system standards
    • ISO-9000 standards
    • Quality system documentation process
    • Joint Commission International (JCI) standards and national standards

    Course 3: Managing Information in Health Care

    • Introduction to information management
    • Medical records
    • Health care information systems
    • Basic statistics
    • Quality measurement tools in health care settings
    • Statistical process control

    Course 4:The Basic Six Sigma Breakthrough Improvement Process

    • Introduction to Six Sigma
    • Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control phases

    Course 5: Improving Organizational Performance

    • Quality management and performance improvement (PI)
    • Management of health care systems
    • Breakthrough in patient safety
    • Roadmap to PI

    Course 6: People Management

    • Organization behavior
    • Work teams
    • Understanding people
    • Managing human resources
    • A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with a minimum grade of “good” or a minimum grade point average of 2.3 is required.
    • For applicants who graduated from university with an overall grade of “pass,” two years of professional work experience is required.
    • Applicants should pass the Standard English Proficiency Test (SEPT).
    • AUC graduates and ExecEd alumni are exempted from the Standard English Proficiency Test.