Endowed Chairs and Professorships

Endowed professorships are among the most significant contributions to a higher education institution. Such generous gifts to learning date back to ancient times, and serve to provide organizations with the resources to recruit established faculty members capable of diffusing both practical and theoretical dimensions in their teaching. Endowed professorships are among AUC’s most effective tools to sustain the University’s portfolio of tenured faculty members and to support them fully in their professional growth. Not only are they honor for a current professor but supporting these positions also helps the University attract, and retain, academic leaders. Endowed professorships at AUC School of Business commenced in 1989. The school currently holds five such chairs.


British Petroleum Chair of Management (1989)

The Amoco Chair of Management marked the establishment of the first endowed professorship at AUC. It was later renamed BP Chair of Management following British Petroleum merger with Amoco in 1998.

The position is currently held by Hamed Shamma, associate professor and BP Amoco Chair of Management. Professor Shamma holds a PhD in marketing from The George Washington University in 2007, an MBA from AUC in 2002 and a BA in business administration from AUC in 1999.

Previous BP Chairs of Management include:

  • 1991-1992           Lincoln Deihl
  • 1994-1995           Dean Ford
  • 1995-1997           Kenneth Jones
  • 2009-2012           Eskandar Tooma

Abdul Latif Jameel Chair of Entrepreneurship (1993)

This chair is in honor of the late Sheikh Abdul Latif Jameel of Saudi Arabia, one of AUC’s most important benefactors.  Leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship are the hallmarks of AUC’s School of Business, and this chair further reinforces the school's commitment to the development of entrepreneurs in Egypt and the region.

The position is held by Ayman Ismail, assistant professor, Abdul Latif Jameel Chair of Entrepreneurship, and faculty adviser for the School of Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program since 2011. Professor Ismail holds a PhD in international economic development from MIT in 2009, a master's in city planning from MIT in 1999, an MBA from AUC in 1997 and a BSc in engineering from AUC in 1995.

Willard W. Brown Chair of International Business Leadership (2001)

The chair aims to draw on a wealth of experience in researching methods for the solution of the problems of multinational business organizations, with particular emphasis on leadership in international trade, finance and marketing, and with a demonstrated understanding of the increasing importance of cross-cultural and international friendship and goodwill. Previous Willard W. Brown Chairs of International Business Leadership include:

  • 2009 -2010          Maha ElShinnawy
  • 2010-2011           Ossama Hassanein
  • 2011-2014           Kevin B. O'Connell
  • 2014-2015           Khaled Ismail
  • 2015-2017           Dina Sherif

The Willard W. Brown International Business Leadership Seminar Series kicked off in September 2018, it serves as a platform for renowned international and local business thought leaders to share a wealth of technical knowledge, business acumen, market and/or scholarly expertise with the AUC community and the local business community at large.  Seminars and other related activities will focus on an array of business, innovation and entrepreneurship-related areas such as leadership, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, strategy, international business, trade, emerging business and financial models, the shared economy, organizational dynamics, governance, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and the next disruption.

For more information on the Willard Brown International Business Leadership Seminar Series  Click here.

Abraaj Group Chair of Private Equity (2012)

The chair forms the nucleus of a private equity knowledge repository introducing students to the foundation of private equity investment. It also represents a cornerstone to the Masters of Science in financial management, launched in Fall 2012.  As part of the professorship, an endowment fund was also created to further strengthen academic research activities in the field of private equity, venture capital, and investment management. 
The position is currently held by Islam Azzam, associate professor and Abraaj group chair of private equity.
Previous Abraaj Group Chairs of Management include:

  •  2012-2013         Eskandar Tooma
  •  2013-2015         Charllaos Mertzanis

CIB Chair of Banking (2013)

The professorship, which commenced in Fall 2014, exposes students to multiple perspectives on retail banking (including concepts of retail banking, types of accounts, mortgages, personal loans, debit/credit cards, etc.), challenging their thinking and encouraging new practices that result in superior business leadership. 

The position is currently held by Aliaa Bassiouny, associate professor of finance. She holds a BBA and an MBA both with a specialization in finance from The American University in Cairo.  She obtained her master's in research (MRes) and Ph.D. from ESADE Business School in Spain. Bassiouny has an extensive research agenda on emerging markets, with her current research interests focused on the pricing dynamics of international foreign listed stocks as well as examining international portfolio management strategies of foreign investors in emerging markets using high-frequency datasets.