Student Associations at School of Business


The AUC School of Business is home to a variety of academic associations. These student lead organizations work on providing you with opportunities to develop your personal skills and get involved in areas of community service, student government, culture and special interests, academics, or student conferences. These associations are embedded in the school’s identity as a way to empower students to take the reins and lead impactful and enriching experiences.


Business Student Ambassadors (BSA)

Established as a peer mentorship program, the Business Student Ambassadors (BSA). The BSA works on offering all Undergraduate School of Business Students with academic and developmental support to make sure students stay on track and get the most out of their learning experience at AUC.

accounting association

AUC Accounting Association

Founded with the support of the Accounting Department and the Office of Student Development, the Accounting Association (ACCA) was initiated to serve the accounting students. The ACCA seeks to bridge the gap between the academic curriculum and real-life experiences in the business field, foster professional creativity among its member and connect accounting students with key players in the market.

BA Logo

Business Association

Part of the executive branch of the Student Government at the AUC, the Business Association is a student organization dedicated to serving the business student. The BA is home to various projects, events and activities geared towards promoting academic development and community building activities. The BA aims to represent and serve business students by understanding their needs and interests as well as offering business students formative real-life business experiences.

EA Logo

Economics Association

Acting as a voice for students and a liaison with the Economics Department, the Economics Association (EA) was founded as an advocate for economics students. The EA works to ensure high-quality education and well-rounded experience for students outside the classroom, while at the same time coordinating between the students and the Economics department to guarantee the availability of diverse relevant course offerings.

ES Logo

Entrepreneurs’ Society

In an attempt to promote entrepreneurship and encourage students to pursue their goals, the Entrepreneurs’ Society was founded as a student-organized society that tackles students’ hesitation to start new businesses. The Society focuses on empowering, developing and supporting the university’s students in becoming the seeds of the future and tomorrow’s leaders by spearheading different initiatives and events that promote entrepreneurship.

FEC Logo

Finance and Economics Club (FEC)

Dedicated to empowering AUC students to harness the power of academia, the Finance and Economics Club (FEC) is committed to helping students apply the theories of economics in their personal lives. The FEC focuses on equipping students with the skills that will enable them to maximize the utility of their personal limited resources, to understand the process of entrepreneurship and to correctly read the economic standing of the country. These efforts are supported through a series of educational events, simulations and workshops.