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We are aware that once you graduate from the AUC School of Business you set out to venture into a globalized world, a world where you will have to solve problems that go beyond borders, internalize diverse perspectives and work in cross-cultural teams.

The game is changing and we want to make sure you stay on top. We placed internationalization at the heart of student learning to guarantee that we offer you an international and culturally enriched educational experience

We ingrained the roots of Internationalization in our educational process by sowing:

  1.  A rich mix of international faculty

  2. Globally oriented courses

  3. A diversity of partners and exchange programs

  4. Collaborative research efforts with top international institutions

  5. A global alumni network

  6. Membership with international consortia and outreach to the international business community

The internationalization strategy of the school is built on the principles of Connect, Diversify, Glocalize (CDG strategy) whereby we connect the Arab region and the world, foster an intercultural learning experience, as well as produce and disseminate international knowledge for the benefit of the region


Internationalization is at the heart of AUC School of Business priorities as well as that of the American University in Cairo. AUC offers a vast range of global exposure opportunities for the school students, faculty, and staff. These partners vary in nature between an exchange, study abroad, joint research, and other activities.

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The School of Business has built a legacy of excellence over the years and gained international recognition for the quality of its programs. Check out the rankings and recognition of the school’s top-tier educational programs. 

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To offer a well-rounded and comprehensive learning experience, the school has gained memberships in some of the most strategic and prominent education advancement networks and alliances that exist. Check here the memberships that help us offer a unique learning experience.

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International Conferences

The school builds regional and international visibility by hosting conferences and events targeting at least one event annually. Find out about all our conferences and events here.

Graduate International Exposure Program

Doing Business in the Middle East

Doing Business in the Middle East (DBiME) is a comprehensive weeklong program that exposes participants to both corporate and academic perspectives of current issues in the region. This program is offered to graduate students from business schools in different parts of the world who seek firsthand experience in this growing, diversified and promising region. DBiME is useful to students enrolled in the following programs: master's in business administration, executive master's in business administration, Master of Science in finance and Master of Arts in economics.

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Globally Oriented EMBA Program

As an executive in today’s hyper-competitive environment, you can’t afford to use potentially obsolete business tools or ineffective management styles. Start your EMBA today and equip yourself with all the skills and competencies you need to stay on top of your game.

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MBA Exchange Programs

With the rising need for global citizens, the MBA exchange program offers candidates a unique opportunity for international exposure in some of the most renowned international schools. Start your journey towards becoming a business professional with a global vision today.

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Inbound International Study Tours

Believing that the interaction with internationally diverse peers and faculty members is a key towards fostering students with a global mindset, the school hosts student tours from top internationally recognized universities. Check some of the study tours that were hosted.

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Outbound International Study Tours

Selecting some of the most renowned international universities and knowledge-rich countries, the school organizes outbound study tours to offer students a unique hands-on international experience.

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Undergraduate International Exposure

Entrepreneurship Summer Program ESP

A two-week intensive summer program for International Undergraduate students, to delve into the world of entrepreneurship. The program prepares students as they enter the employment market after graduation and encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. Networking and the exchange of ideas are among a diverse cohort, is an integral element in this program. The program is built on interactive discussions, experiential learning, group activities, cases and guest speakers.

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The AUC School of Business International Case Competition

This is the first competition of its kind organized in Egypt and focusing on business challenges facing high-growth entrepreneurial ventures. The competition provides students with a unique learning experience to understand the business and entrepreneurship landscape in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East, including complex issues around consumer behavior, economic trends, regulatory and policy reforms, technology adoption and the supporting ecosystem.

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The first undergraduate cohort program between AUC School of Business and University of South Carolina (USC) Darla Moore Business School for students interested in pursuing careers in international business with emphasis on business activities between the Middle East and North Africa and the United States.

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Study Tours

Study trips aim at exposing undergraduate students to various prominent academic and business institutions in the destination country.

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Study Abroad

Get exposed to new levels of learning that will not only influence your educational endeavors but also help you launch your career.

International Experience Award

The award is an official recognition of undergraduate students’ international experiences. It is designed to increase the international exposure of undergraduate students in the AUC School of Business before graduation while infusing their business ideas and accomplishments with an international flavor. 

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