Finance for Non Financials

Finance for Non-Finance Managers

  • Numbers often hold great significance and impact on your business. From marketing managers to HR professionals, understanding the meaning and implication of financials on your firm’s health and performance is crucial for making strategic business decisions for your department! For all the managers and executives who come from non-financial backgrounds, this program was specially tailored to help you establish a clear and solid understanding of essential financial concepts.

    This program will walk you through all the fundamental concepts and practices as well as introduce you to the key financial instruments and tools you need to be able to integrate financial data into your decision-making process and make more educated business decisions today.

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  • Senior managers and unit directors who come from a non-financial background and need to learn the fundamentals of financial analysis to formulate more strategic business decisions.

    • Learning how to effectively read key financial reports and data
    • Understanding fundamental business finance concepts such as rate of return, time value of money and cost of capital
    • Applying and developing an awareness of current financial trends affecting industrial and commercial companies
    • Learning how to effectively interpret and use financial data in your decision-making process
    • Being able to analyze business performance and setting strategic objectives based on financial data
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