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The Regional Trade Professional Certificate


Program Description

With the growing interconnectedness of global economies, opportunities for trade have never been more promising. Nonetheless, knowing how to successfully steer your business through the intricacies of regional trade is essential to ensure you get the most out of your ventures!

The Regional Trade Professional Certificate was designed to empower you with the business acumen and the knowledge you need to harness the opportunities as well as face the challenges of regional trade. The certificate will expose you to the different stages of trade activities starting from identifying trade opportunities in the region up to logistical management of executing the export or import activities; while going through the stages of feasibility studies, financial analysis, marketing and sales strategies and legal aspects.

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  • Professionals who: 

    • Are already working or engaged in business interactions in regional markets and want to expand in their current markets and open up new regional markets
    • Work in businesses which do not have a regional outreach to establish such outreach but are seeking the capacity-building opportunity
    • Are looking to establish a new career path as a trade practitioner.
    • Identifying the strategic importance of trade activities in your organization
    • Acquiring the skills and techniques needed to assess the feasibility of trade within your region
    • Learning how to adapt your organization’s sales and marketing strategies for regional markets
    • Conducting elements of financial analysis of trade transactions such as profit and loss, and exchange rate risks management
    • Integrating trade activities within your organization’s value chain
    • Learning how to manage the process of regulatory and legal compliance of your products in regional markets