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Understanding and Financing Innovative Entrepreneurship Program

Program Description

In an increasingly dynamic and aggressive global scene, achieving sustainable business growth has become a pressing yet daunting challenge. To thrive in today’s markets, innovating and taking risks has become indispensable for businesses! It’s in this spirit that Entrepreneurship, which places profitability and growth at the heart of its practices, has gained increasing momentum and popularity!

To move forward, aligning financial institutions and the concerned ecosystem with these dynamics is a key issue. The “Understanding & Financing Innovative Entrepreneurship
Program” AUC School of Business and MOSTADAM collaborative problem was developed as a means of helping financial institutions and relevant stakeholders to understand
how to effectively manage funding innovation in micro, small and medium enterprises as well as scale-ups. The program is designed to enable financial institutions to
step in and grasp the mechanics and business rationale of funding entrepreneurships and innovation, which are widely lauded as a prime driver towards balanced economic growth
and sustainable development.


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  • Middle and senior banking professionals in the following areas:

    • Investment banking and equity financing
    • Corporate lending for large corporates, SMEs and micro enterprises
    • Developing a clear method of evaluating the viability of an innovative business idea
    • Learning how to identify and evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities
    • Grasping how different types of entrepreneurship unfold
    • Learning the appropriate way to analyze a newly established/growing venture/SME2 from the perspective of a bank and investor
    • Understanding how to successfully finance an innovative venture