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 Program dates are subject to change  given the COVID-19 situation 



Expected April, 2020


6 non-consecutive days

Total Fees

9,000 EGP

4,500 EGP

(50% scholarship for women attending the program)

Application Deadline

to be announced soon

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AUC New Cairo

AUC New Cairo

  • The ability to effectively read financial reports and data is crucial to the processes of
    day-to-day management, strategic planning and decision-making in any firm. The proper
    understanding of the various financial concepts and instruments and their implications to
    the firm’s health and performance in the market place are indispensable for managers
    who typically come from various functions within the firm.

    The comprehensive program of Finance for Non-Finance Managers has been carefully
    designed to meet the needs of executives and managers who come from nonfinancial
    backgrounds across the corporate landscape. The program provides the participants
    with a comprehensive understanding of key financial principles and practices and
    empowers them with the tools to effectively interpret and use financial data in the
    decision-making process in their respective functions of sales, marketing or planning. The
    Finance for Non-Finance Managers program is dedicated to laying the ground
    foundation. Through a mixture of examples, case studies, and analyses, it covers the key
    concepts of financial reporting and explores the links between finance, accounting, and
    economics. It also offers an introduction to ratio analysis and analyzing financial

    The Finance for Non-Finance Managers program covers more advanced topics in
    financial analysis based on ratio and case analysis. It further explores concepts of
    budgeting and through practical examples and cases constructs a number of budgets,
    from sales to cash and analyses implications of cash and other currents on working

    Having financial knowledge and skills is essential for making business decisions,
    analyzing business performance and setting strategic objectives. It is also indispensable
    for advancing personal skill-sets and expanding career horizons.

    The program explores the relationship between finance, accounting, and economics. It
    then introduces the key tools of financial reporting, the income statement, the balance
    sheet, and the cash flow statements. Basics of financial analysis and ratios are introduced
    and practiced.

  • Through a combination of conceptual presentations, practical exercises and
    case study analyses the program aims to provide participants with a thorough
    understanding of key financial concepts and instruments.

  • This program is designed for Women leaders and unit directors from non-finance based functions, such as engineering, marketing, sales, planning, design, logistics, manufacturing and IT. Participants should have at least five years of work experience.

  • Day 1

    Introduction to finance, relationship to economics and accounting

    Introduction to financial reporting, key financial concepts: time value of money, risk vs return, valuation

    Income statement, basics, examples and analysis

    Constructing income statement case study

    Day 2

    Balance sheet, basics, examples and analysis

    Cash flow statement, basics, examples and analysis

    Finance in the project evaluation process

    Day 3

    Ratio analysis

    Introduction to cost of capital, working capital, leverage and capital structure

    Current and future trends in financial analysis

    Day 4

    Introduction to budgeting in the corporate environment

    Cost budgeting case study

    Day 5

    Sales Budgeting and cash budgeting

    Advanced financial ratios

    Day 6

    Capital Budgeting and WACC

    Risk and return, options and hedging

    Cost of capital, working capital, leverage and capital structure and crowdfunding

    Fintech, current and future trends in financial analysis

  • Admissions Criteria

    • Bachelor’s degree

    • Proficiency in written and spoken English

    Admissions Process

    • Prepare a clear scanned copy of the following documents (saved in PDF format):

      1. Original bachelor’s degree certificate

      2. National identification card (ID) / passport

      3. Personal passport-size photo

    • Click on Apply Now button on the website to start the online application process

    • Fill in and submit the application online

    • Send the above PDF documents to womenonboards@aucegypt.edu within 48 hours from the application submission date

    • The admissions committee will review your application and credentials and contact you if needed

    • You will receive an acceptance email specifying the next steps’ and payment process

    • All cancellations must be sent in writing to womenonboards@aucegypt.edu. A full refund will be provided for cancellations made 14 days or more before the start date of the course

    • A 50% refund will be provided for cancellations made 13 to 7 days before the start date of the program

    • No refund will be provided for cancellations made 6 days or less before the start date of the program

    Refunds will be issued to the same payment method used to make the initial payment. Refunds to credit cards are processed within 30 days provided that the participant has the actual credit card in addition to the POS receipt or bank statement while requesting a refund.

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For further information, please contact us on the following numbers:

Sundays through Thursdays, from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

 +2 015.5345.4404