EMBA Masterclass Series

EMBA Masterclass Series

Aurélien Colson

Masterclass #5: Influence and Negotiation for Better Deal-Making

Aurélien Colson

Once the COVID-19 crisis is over, business opportunities will thrive again for those who know how to seize them. Building on your own experience, this masterclass will help you do “first things first” for more effective negotiations and partnership building.

  • Negotiation and partnership building constitutes a strategic set of leadership skills for any manager
  • Learn to promote your viewpoint, convince others, create value, prevent tensions, solve conflicts…etc.
  • This hands-on interactive session equips you with 10 operational principles that are ready for you to use

Thursday, June 11, 2020

4 - 5 pm

Yassin El Shazly

Masterclass #4: Coronavirus' Legal Implications for Your Business

Yassin El Shazly

Are you concerned about legally navigating the post-COVID-19 era, or wondering how to protect your business from litigation? During this live session, attendees learned how to:

- Differentiate between force majeure and hardships.

- Compare the consequences of both on contract performance.

- Determine the power of the court in case of force majeure and hardships.

- List the main arbitral institutions locally and internationally.

- Know how arbitration deals with force majeure and hardship events.

- Identify the possible solutions to keep the arbitral proceedings.

Instructor Bio

Professor Yassin El Shazly is a well known academic with teaching experiences in various reputable academic institutions such as the American University in Cairo (AUC), Nile University, ESLSCA University, French University in Egypt, Bordeaux University, Lyon3 University and Qatar University where he served as the Associate Dean for Outreach and Community Engagement.

El Shazly is an associate professor of Commercial and Maritime Law at Ain Shams University. He holds a bachelor's and master's degrees from Ain Shams University and a doctoral degree in Business Law from Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, France. He also holds a master’s degree in law from Ain Shams University and Lyon 2-France and a master’s degree in political science from Jean Moulin Lyon 3-France as well as a comparative law diploma in English and American Law.

El Shazly has extensive practical experience in the field of consultancy and negotiating and drafting business contracts and he served as a legal counsel in many multi-jurisdictional cases and draft legal opinions in complex transactions of various areas of law.

He was also appointed as an arbitrator and expert in many cases mainly in the field of construction, corporate law, and administrative law disputes. He served as an arbitrator under QICCA and as a “Legal Expert” in ICC cases. He was also assigned as a legal expert for international projects granted by the African Union and the European Union.

Additionally, he served as a legal advisor to the chairman of the Financial Supervisory Authority (Egypt) and as a legal counsel at the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (Egypt).

Monday, June 1, 2020

3 - 4 pm

Professor Joe Pones

MasterClass #3: Developing High-Performance Sales Teams in the Post-COVID Era: Challenges and Opportunities

Professor Joe M. Pons

This session delivers actionable insights for participants on:

  • Designing consistent sales strategies in the COVID-19 era.
  • Re-engaging with prospects and customers. 
  • Making choices on the key levers for sales managers and structuring sales efforts.
  • Recruiting and training talent and compensating/motivating through a clear link with the right performance variables.

Monday, May 18, 2020

3 - 4 PM

Milton Sousa

Masterclass #2: Mental Well-Being and COVID-19: Finding Meaning in Times of Crisis

Milton Sousa

Associate Professor at Nova School of Business


When is this over? Will we ever go back to “normal”? What will be the new “normal”? Is there a future for my business? Again a new crisis… it felt we just came out of one! And this one seems to be even bigger, so they say. What about my family? What can I do to keep them safe? It is in these times that the human spirit is tested. We have resources and an ability to adapt which is often underestimated. This webinar is about the importance of perspective and reframing to be able to cope with even the most adverse situations. It is about how we can reframe what life brings to us from a perspective of meaning. To be in a place of choice where our life makes sense, even when what happens around us seems to make no sense. It is also about leadership and we can as leaders help others create meaning in this context. We will share some data as well on how meaning is perceived in this time of the COVID-19 crisis.


Instructor Bio

Milton Sousa is an Associate Professor at Nova School of Business and Economics and Visiting Professor at the American University in Cairo (teaching in the Executive MBA). He held the positions of Associate Dean for Institutional Relations and International Development and Academic Director of CEMS MIM at Nova SBE. Previously, he was Director of the MBA Programs at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University in the Netherlands. He chaired 3 editions of the Estoril Conferences, a large international forum on globalization that gathers renowned world leaders from business, academia, and the public sector. In that quality, he has worked with the United Nations, World Bank, European Commission, NATO, and several world-class universities. In business, Milton founded Leaders2Be, an organization that he ran for 5 years offering leadership development programs. He worked in various innovation, research, and management positions, including Royal Philips Electronics, and as a strategy and management consultant at Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação and the Hay Group. Milton is a frequent speaker and guest lecturer on the topics of leadership and organizational behavior in several universities and business schools, including numerous executive programmes with global corporations. His research interests include servant leadership, meaning, innovation, shared value, and hybridity.

Milton´s TedX on Empowerment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IsaoL1_OnM

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

2 - 3pm

Eusebio Scornavacca

Masterclass #1: Future-Proof your business with Digital Transformation

Eusebio Scornavacca

Professor of Digital Innovation at the University of Baltimore

Director Center for Digital Communication Commerce and Culture


This Facebook Live Session will tackle the topic of digital transformation from a practical standpoint, discussing not only the digital trends and technologies but also helping industry players to identify the biggest challenges and opportunities associated with Digital Transformation and to understand the organizational capabilities and individual skills they need to future-proof their businesses and workforce. 

  • What is driving Digital Transformation? Is it really disruptive? Should I be worried about it?

  • How Digital Innovation enables value creation? 

  • What are the biggest challenges and opportunities associated with Digital Transformation? 

  • How can I future-proof my organization and workforce?

Instructor Bio

Scornavacca also holds the J&M Thompson Chair in Management Information Systems at the Merrick School of Business. A sought after speaker, he is frequently delivering keynotes and lectures around the world. Prior to joining UB, Professor Scornavacca was director of research at the School of Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. He is a research fellow at King’s College, London, and has held visiting positions in Japan, China, Italy, France, Finland, Egypt, Brazil, and New Zealand. He is globally engaged in a number of research initiatives investigating the impact of emerging digital technologies at the individual, organizational and societal levels. His research interests include disruptive digital innovation, digital ecosystems, algorithm delegation, and digital entrepreneurship. During the past 20 years, he has conducted research in a wide range of industries, including research sponsored by the private sector. Scornavacca research has appeared in leading journals and he serves on a number of editorial boards and conference committees

Thursday, April 30, 2020

10 - 11pm