What we offer


The AUC EMBA is a globally oriented program designed for experienced executives. It focuses on integrating innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership in management education. This program is a doorway for participants who are looking to become leaders who can respond to complex business issues in a comprehensive and effective manner.

The key to shaping receptive and forward-looking minds is exposure. That’s why our EMBA offers opportunities for international exposure through study abroad experiences at celebrated institutions such as:

  1. Kellogg School of Management in the United States

  2. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in China

Taking things further, The Center for Creative Leadership works with participants to formulate a personal development journey and emphasize the best leadership qualities.

What you gain

The AUC EMBA will enable you to:
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Push boundaries

with greater vision and gain a well-developed understanding of strategic thinking and planning in a globally-competitive world

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how to operate in an increasingly international, multicultural environment while fostering innovation and new technologies.

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in real-time business challenges while emphasizing the skills and abilities needed to recognize and adapt to emerging business trends and rapidly changing technology.

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Acquire tools and skills

in an interactive manner through case studies, business simulations, business plans and the analysis of real business organizations.

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with inspiring peers through sharing of diverse collective professional experience while collaborating in multidisciplinary teamwork.