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A Unique Learning Experience

Providing the learning experience our students deserve requires a penetrating understanding of the intricacies of global markets, the developments in the field of education and the interplay of economics with the real world. However, to truly understand how something works you need to have experience with it. Shaped by more than fifty years of compounded experience, our masters in economics has been meticulously developed, curated and tailored to:

  • Meet and exceed the global market’s needs

  • Integrate the latest developments in education

  • Transfer formative skills and abilities essential for competent economists

  • Underpin a comprehensive theoretical framework complemented by a set of quantitative techniques

  • Offer an insightful perspective on the dynamics of economic policy

The underlying goal of our program is to help you lay a solid foundation of theory, methodology and analytical abilities on which you can build more than a career; a legacy.


Our Master of Arts program in economics is distinctively designed to equip you with everything you need to excel in your doctoral studies, to spearhead economic policy or to provide perceptive outlooks for government institutions and international corporations. Our program draws from real life relevance, ensuring that the knowledge we transfer to you is what you will actually need to instigate real change and impact in today’s markets. You can pursue one of two tracks: a thesis track or a non-thesis track:

  • The thesis track allows you to complete your studies with a research project under the supervision of selected faculty members

  • The non-thesis track requires you to complete a minimum of six credit hours in at least one of the concentration fields: the Middle East economic development, competitive strategy and valuation, international economics or financial economic.

Banking on a diverse rich curriculum and our highly experienced faculty members our Master of Arts in economics promises to deliver.
*Both the Master of Arts in economics and the Master of Arts in Economics in International Development (MA ECONID) are accredited by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities.


Program Tracks


Through the thesis track, you will work on a research project under the supervision of selected faculty members.



You will be required to complete a minimum of six credit hours in at least one of the following concentration fields:
         - Middle East economic development
         - Competitive strategy and valuation
         - International economics
         - Financial economics


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Upon graduating from one of these programs you will have the freedom to choose from a number of job prospects such as in consulting firms, research institutes and international organizations. Masters of Arts in economics graduates have joined leading international, regional and local institutions and have been admitted to doctoral programs at prominent universities worldwide.