Apply Now

Our Process

  • Application: fill out our online application, open twice a year before the initial start date of each cycle
  • Screening Interviews: meet our team and tell us more about your business and why your startup should make it
  • Bootcamp: take part of our three day boot camp where we get to know you better in a work environment while giving you a glimpse of our acceleration activities
  • Panel: the final stage of our selection process where you pitch your business to our panelists

What do we look for? 

  • Innovative and scalable startup: we look for startups with original ideas and lean models.
  • Working prototype or minimal viable product (MVP): show us how hard you've worked on validating your product or service. The more established your startup, the more you will benefit from our program.
  • Strong and relevant team: we look for teams with the right combination of accumulated experiences. Having a strong background in the field your startup is attempting to venture in empowers you with indispensable insight.
  • Commitment: at least one founding member should be fully committed to the whole duration of our program, which runs for four months. 


Startup Accelerator Program

A sixteen week program providing support for early-stage, high growth and innovative startups. We support startups from different industries including e-commerce, energy and environmental sustainability, health innovation, creative, financial technology and more!



Fintech Program

A sixteen week customized program for financial technology (FinTech) startups providing specialized business finance and technology support.