Hear It From Them

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In hindsight, joining the AUC Venture Lab was probably the best decision we’ve made so far. Without the constant support, access to mentorship and real-world experience, and especially the awesome team working there, we wouldn’t have accomplished so much in so little time.

Mohamed Zohair
Co-founder of Spare
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At V-Lab, we were lucky to be part of a big entrepreneurial family and work side by side with other talented entrepreneurs and share our experiences. This helped us learn so much from each other and enabled us to grow.

Alaa Shams
Co-founder of Jinni
Khaled Ismail

As an investor, I am very happy with my investments in the graduates of the V-Lab. Most of them come up with very good ideas, very bright and they are distinguished.

Khaled Ismail
Founder & Chairman of Kiangel
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​​​​​The V-Lab team has been with us through every step of the way, they have inspired us to improve our technologies and basically shaped the business side for WiRE Microsystems.

Mahmoud Saad
Founder of WiRE
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V-Lab introduced me to their network of partners and mentors who helped me close B2B deals that I hadn’t considered before.  

Ahmed Tawfik
Founder of Instadiet
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AUC V-Lab is -without a doubt- the best startup accelerator in town. The effort and time put into helping entrepreneurs is incredible.

Hussein AlMenawy
Co-founder of PayMe

Your work is really inspirational for all of us and the graduate startups are really killing it out there.  

Fadi Antaki
CEO of A15
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It has transformed me from someone with a business idea to an entrepreneur on the right track.

Gehad Abdullah
Founder of Mermaid