African Regional Trade Professional Certificate

African Regional Trade Professional Certificate


Start Date
February 16, 2021

Live Online

45,000 EGP

Registration Deadline
February 2, 2021

Class Schedule
Mondays and Thursdays
6:00pm to 9:00pm

4 - 5 Months (2 semesters)

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  • As the world progresses towards becoming a more connected place, the role of regional trade and its implications for global economies is growing radically. For trade practitioners, the evolving dynamics of African regional trade can entail unprecedented opportunities for economic growth and

    Armed with the right mindset, the interested practitioner will be able to recognize and make use of the vast prospects of African regional trade. This postgraduate certificate was designed to introduce you to the applied potential and actual challenges of trade activities among different regions in Africa. It explains the different stages of trade activities, starting with identifying the various trade opportunities in the continent and ultimately managing the logistics of export/import activities.

    • Identify the strategic importance of international trade

    • Assess the feasibility of trade within the different regions in Africa

    • Discuss different sales and marketing strategies, as well as how to adopt them in the different regional markets

    • Conduct elements of trade transaction financial analysis, such as profit and loss and exchange rate risk management

    • Integrate trade activities within an organizationʼs value chain

    • Manage the process of regulatory and legal compliance of an organizationʼs products according to the requirements of the different regional markets in Africa

    • Export and import managers
    • Business development managers
    • Professionals in chambers of commerce or industry unions
    • Government employees in ministries of the trade and industry
  • To receive the African Regional Trade Professional Certificate, you will need to complete five core courses and one online business acumen course for a total of 134 instruction hours. Each course is divided into a theoretical part that will introduce you to fundamental principles, and a practical part where you will put knowledge learned to practice via case studies and/or projects.

    1. Introduction to African Regional Trade (21 Hours)

    This is the first introductory course in the study of African regional trade. The course aims at acquainting participants with the African economies, extraand intra-African Trade, Africa regional trading blocks, and the African Free Trade Continental Area.

    2. Marketing and Sales Regional Strategies (24 Hours)

    This course exposes professionals to developing new marketing and sales strategies based on the different regional markets in Africa. It will provide tools and techniques to identify markets that match products their organization is offering. The course offers a wide scope of topics, such as market growth
    strategies, pricing strategies, product placement in African markets, sales channels and negotiations, and e-marketing and e-commerce.

    3. Regional Trade Finance in Africa (24 Hours)

    This course covers the international financial system and the financing tools for conducting trade transactions within a multitude of regions across the continent, such as: Letter of credit, discounting, forfaiting, guarantees, etc., as well as identifying the different types of risks, including financial, credit, regulatory risks and their mitigants. It also assists in developing trade feasibility.

    4. Regional Value Chain Management (24 Hours)

    The course covers the essentials of cross-border procurement and management, inventory management, outsourcing and use of software for resource planning with applications on the diverse regions in Africa.

    5. African Trade and the Regulatory Environment (21 Hours)

    The course introduces management of regulatory and legal compliance for African markets such as documentation, African trade agreements, property rights, and legal settlement of trade disputes.

    6. Online Business Acumen Course (20 hours)

    Participants are expected to finish the course while they are completing the certificateʼs core courses. Selecting the course will be implemented during the registration process.

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