Business Innovation and Trends

Enlightening survey of the most contemporary business trends in the market and the latest innovations in the world of business and trade.


The Regional Trade Professional Certificate

The Regional Trade Professional Certificate was designed to empower you with the business acumen and the knowledge you need to harness the opportunities as well as face the challenges of regional trade. The certificate will expose you to the different stages of trade activities starting from identifying trade opportunities in the region up to logistical management of executing the export or import activities; while going through the stages of feasibility studies, financial analysis, marketing and sales strategies and legal aspects.

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Start-up to Scale Up Guide

This program is for all the entrepreneurs who started a successful start-up and are looking to become capable leaders who can guide their organization through an exciting period of growth as they scale-up. Through a dynamic and interactive learning experience, the Start-up to Scale-Up program will empower you to face all challenges to ensure you can lead your organization through a smooth transition.

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