Diploma in Healthcare Quality Excellence

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Program dates are subject to change  given the COVID-19 situation





June, 2020


1 academic year (3 semesters)

Total Fees

55,200 EGP

Application Deadline

May 15, 2020

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AUC New Cairo

AUC New Cairo

AUC New Cairo

AUC Tahrir Square

  • The healthcare industry has one of the most complex infrastructures compared to other global industries, characterized by ever-changing relationships between patients, physicians, hospitals, insurers, communities, and governments.

    The Diploma in Healthcare Quality Excellence considers the current challenges and provides aspiring healthcare professionals with innovative techniques and approaches to creatively refine the provision of healthcare services.

    This program is particularly designed for participants who aim to develop and enhance their knowledge and experience in healthcare quality management. The courses provide a solid base that allows participants to acquire a state-of-the-art perspective of quality improvement, accreditation, as well as patient safety and performance management.

    Field visits to renowned hospitals will cover the practical aspects of how to master continuous improvement methodologies, patient safety techniques, as well as the latest in risk management expertise, forming the cornerstone to ensuring the provision of reliable and reputable healthcare services in the 21st century.

    • Identify the fundamental pillars of the new healthcare system in Egypt

    • Adopt a practical journey to accreditation

    • Establish an efficient approach to patient safety and risk management

    • Use quality improvement tools in a simplified yet professional approach

    • Integrate a clinical information system team into healthcare organizations

    • Healthcare professionals currently working in quality teams and seeking to sharpen their knowledge and skills and acquire a practical approach to establishing continuous quality management programs

    • Healthcare professionals with considerable clinical experience who aim to make use of their wealth of knowledge and skills to improve the quality of their healthcare services and patient safety

    • Healthcare professionals who aim to upscale the services provided in their healthcare organizations by seeking to embark on a journey towards accreditation or establishing their own performance management program

  • Healthcare Systems 12 hrs BHQE 520
    Operations Management  12 hrs BHQE 521
    People Management  12 hrs BHQE 522
    Information-Driven Healthcare 12 hrs BHQE 523
    Healthcare Performance Management   24 hrs BHQE 526
    Accreditation Systems  24 hrs BHQE 527
    Patient Safety and Risk Management  24 hrs BHQE 528
    Continuous Improvement Methodologies 24 hrs BHQE 529
    BHQE 501
    BHQE 502
    BHQE 503
    Design Thinking   20 hrs BOBA 501
    Emotional Intelligence  20 hrs BOBA 502
    Crisis Management  20 hrs BOBA 503


    *The list of topics is dynamic; participants will need to verify available courses at the time of admission

  • Admissions Criteria

    • Bachelor’s degree in Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Science, Nursing, Business Administration or equivalent

    • A minimum of three years of relevant work experience

    • Proficiency in written and spoken English

    Admissions Process


    1. Prepare a clear scanned copy of the following documents (saved in PDF format):

      1. Original bachelor’s degree certificate

      2. Work experience letter(s) indicating a minimum of required years of relevant work experience

      3. A proof of English proficiency, through one of the following qualifications:

        • a high school degree from an international school where English is the primary language of instruction,

        • or a degree from an English-speaking college/university,

        • or test of English exam credentials with the following minimum results:

          • TOEFL iBT® test with a minimum total score of 72

          • Academic IELTS with a minimum total score of 5.5

          • Standard English Proficiency Test (SEPT) with a minimum level of B2A

          • The SEPT exam is available every Saturday at AUC Falaki Academic Building. For SEPT exam registration, please visit 24 El-Falaki St., Downtown

      4. National identification card (ID) / passport

      5. Personal passport-size photo

    2. Click on Apply Now button on the website to start the online application process

    3. Fill in the online application and upload the above PDF documents

    4. The Admissions Committee will review your application and credentials and contact you if needed

    5. You will receive an acceptance email specifying the next steps for online course registration and payment


    For any inquiries regarding the application process, please contact the Participants Affairs Office at 02.2797.6287, Sundays through Thursdays, from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, or send an email to execedregistration@aucegypt.edu.

    • All cancellations must be sent in writing to execedregistration@aucegypt.edu. A full refund will be provided for cancellations made 14 days or more before the start date of the course

    • A 50% refund will be provided for cancellations made 13 to 7 days before the start date of the course

    • No refund will be provided for cancellations made 6 days or less before the start date of the course

    Refunds will be issued to the same payment method used to make the initial payment. Refunds to credit cards are processed within 30 days provided that the participant has the actual credit card in addition to the POS receipt or bank statement while requesting a refund.

    The refund of alliance programs are subject to the conditions of the alliance partner.

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