First Time Manager Program

First Time Managers Program


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Program Dates
June 13 - July 8, 2021

Live Online

Total Fees
EGP 9,900

Registration Deadline
June 6, 2021

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  • New managers who acquire the necessary tools and skills at the very beginning of this stage in their careers are set to become effective leaders. Their performance will impact their teams’ productivity and morale, which will subsequently affect an organization’s operational efficiency and bottom line. 

    The First Time Managers program provides participants with the required foundational functional knowledge and key interpersonal skills needed to successfully manage their new roles and responsibilities. 

    • Explore the core functions of management in organizations and assess the difference between management and leadership

    • Develop the most important 21st-century managerial skills, focusing on problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and innovation

    • Discuss the effects of the technical, interpersonal, and cognitive skills on efficiency and effectiveness

    • Analyze effective managerial traits and experiment with participants’ own strengths and challenges

    • Explore the components of financial statements: balance sheet and profit and loss

    • Identifying the different types of costs and how it affects pricing

    • Define the role of marketing in generating customer value and growth of the organization

    • Describe common segmentation approaches, showing how organizations use the marketing mix to market to their target customers

    • Explore the business case of coaching and why organizations are adopting it across the world

    • Practice different coaching models for effective workplace performance

  • This program is designed to address the developmental needs of professionals considering a transition into management, newly promoted managers, and supervisors.   

  • 1. Effective Management Skills (15 hours)
    Participants will be discussing the core functions of management in organizations and the difference between management and leadership; relevant 21st-century skills with a focus on problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and innovation; differences between technical, interpersonal, and cognitive skills and their effects on efficiency and effectiveness; and finally, participants will be able to analyze their managerial traits and understand their own strengths and challenges.

    2. Financial Statements Essentials (6 hours)
    This topic will introduce participants to the fundamentals of finance that include reading financial statements, how to improve financial performance and increase profitability, triggering financial risks, what are the main sources of finance (advantages and disadvantages of each) in order to optimize capital structure, and finally, the overview of costing to help participants know how to price their products/services and when to achieve a breakeven point.

    3. Connecting with Customers (6 hours)
    Marketing is a vital business function that is necessary for nearly all industries. Successful marketing strategies help in not only understanding the consumers and their needs but also in boosting sales, building company reputation, and fostering healthy competition. This topic will provide participants with the opportunity to explore the role of marketing and recognize the importance of having a well-balanced marketing mix.

    4. The Manager as a Coach (6 hours)
    Providing managers with coaching skills training is an essential step in the workplace nowadays. Effective managers use coaching to establish clear expectations, assess performance, deliver feedback and create confidence and engagement across their teams.

  • Minimum two years of working experience. 

  • The program fees are EGP 9,900* 
    This includes total tuition costs, materials, and a certificate.

    *For payment options, please refer to the payment section FAQs on our website or contact us on 15592

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