Organizational Culture: Diversity and Inclusion

Organizational Culture
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Start Date

June 27, 2022 

Live Online

EGP 19,600

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June 12, 2022

6 Weeks

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Monday and Wednesday
6 - 9 pm

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  • Building an inclusive and diverse, high-trust culture enables organizations to grow, enhance their reputation and increase their profitability, employee engagement, productivity, and innovation.

    Since diversity is all about cultural norms and values, it is vital for organizations to reflect an inclusive work environment where diverse backgrounds are respected and recognized.

    Leading organizational change to promote diversity and inclusion is presented as an inclusive process involving leaders, followers, context and purpose that converge to 'leadership moments', where a leader of change may be an enabler or a ‘bricoleur’.

    The School of Business recommends that companies nominate two staff members one male and one female to join this program in order to start walking the talk of diversity and inclusion.

    • Understand organizational metaphors and types
    • Recognize the implications of metaphors and types on organizational culture
    • Represent organization culture to stakeholders
    • Measure organizational culture and communicate these measurements to the organization
    • Appreciate and manage diversity
    • Align organizational culture with several organizational design elements such as strategy, size, policies, and procedures
    • Identify the limitations of the five change models
    • Act as a role model and coach others to align their behavior with the organization’s culture and manage culture change
    • Realize the impact of how context and values affect leadership and followership
    • Recognize gender bias implications on power dynamics and leadership in organizations
    • Handle difficult conversations within their team

    Through discussions, case studies, simulating real work-life situations, group coaching, and relationship dynamics workshop, participants can develop competitive abilities to excel at their work.

  • This program addresses the developmental needs of managers and directors of both corporates and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

    Two participants must register from the same company, one male and one female, to practice diversity and inclusion.

  • Module 1: Social construction and organizational metaphors

    Asynchronous Organizational Change Business Acumen Course

    Session 1: What is organizational culture?

    Synchronous Live Online

    Session 2: How to measure the organization's culture?

    Synchronous Live Online

    Module 2: Organizational culture

    Asynchronous Organizational Change Business Acumen Course

    Session 3: Organizational culture and organization strategy

    Synchronous Live Online

    Session 4: Alignment between organization culture with the other elements of the organization

    Synchronous Live Online

    Module 3: Change models

    Asynchronous Organizational Change Business Acumen Course

    Session 5: Identifying desired organizational culture

    Synchronous Live Online

    Session 6: Changing organization culture

    Synchronous Live Online

    Module 4: Organizational becoming and bricolage

    Asynchronous Organizational Change Business Acumen Course

    Session 7: Using change management techniques to change organization culture

    Synchronous Live Online

    Session 8: Leading change

    Synchronous Live Online

    Module 5: Leadership and context

    Asynchronous Organizational Change Business Acumen Course

    Workshop: Relationship dynamics

    Synchronous Live Online

    Module 6: Leadership and gender

    Asynchronous Organizational Change Business Acumen Course

    Module 7: Rethinking leadership

    Asynchronous Organizational Change Business Acumen Course


    Synchronous Live Online

  • Admission Criteria

    • Bachelor’s degree
    • A minimum of five years of work experience
    • Proficiency in written and spoken English

    Admission Process

    1. Prepare a clear scanned copy of the following documents (saved in PDF format):
      1. Original bachelor’s degree certificate
      2. National identification card (ID)/passport
    2. Fill in the application and upload the above PDF documents
    3. The Admissions Committee will review your application and contact you if needed
    4. You will receive an acceptance email specifying the next steps for online payment. Your registration is confirmed upon payment

    For any inquiries regarding the application process, contact us at 15592 or by email

  • The tuition fee for the program is EGP 19,600

    This includes the business acumen course and certificate.

    UN Women is offering a 50% scholarship for participants attending this program:

    Within the framework of the UN Women-ILO joint program (JP), Promoting Productive Employment and Decent Work for Women in Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine, which is implemented in partnership with the National Council for Women and the Ministry of Manpower and is generously funded by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida), UN Women Egypt partnered with the American University in Cairo to:

    1. Equip and expand a pool of women to be placed in senior positions and corporate boards through capacity-building activities and organizational culture training
    2. Produce a monitoring report on the percentage of women on boards
    3. Build the capacity of women-owned businesses in market-related skills
    4. Develop an Egyptian board-ready women's database

    Note: Through this JP, UN Women Egypt is offering a 50% scholarship for participants attending this training program provided by the AUC.

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    • All cancellations must be sent in writing by email. A full refund will be provided for cancellations made 14 days or more before the start date of the course
    • A 50% refund will be provided for cancellations made 7 to 13 days before the start date of the course
    • No refund will be provided for cancellations made 6 days or less before the start date of the course
    • Refunds will be issued to the same payment method used to make the initial payment. Refunds to credit cards are processed within 30 days, provided that the participant has the actual credit card in addition to the POS receipt or bank statement while requesting a refund
    • The refund of alliance programs is subject to the conditions of the alliance partner

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