Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Sales Management


Program Description

With rising competition and the rapid changes in customer purchasing behavior, the need for a professional sales force is highly crucial!

If you’re a sales professionals or a sales manager, the Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Sales Management is designed to arm you with the most recent conceptual knowledge and global academic theories and practices while maintaining a strong focus on practical real-world applications so you can achieve your organizational goals efficiently and effectively.


You will learn how to:

  • Acquire a basic understanding of fundamental concepts necessary for effective and efficient sales management functions.
  • Identify components of setting and implementing sales plans.
  • Understand the basics of marketing management.
  • Relate different concepts and principles of sales and marketing management on both local and global levels to the practical world in order to deal with diversified and complex situations efficiently.
  • Value the significance of ethical behavior, understanding and appreciation of perceptions and interests of others as core elements for a sales manager’s success.

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  • All sales professionals including

    • Sales managers
    • Sales supervisors
    • Potential sales managers and supervisors
  • Course 1: Planning the Sales Function 

    • Role of sales managers in the 21st century
    • Understanding customer types, with particular focus on key elements of success in business-to-business processes
    • Selling process (planning, making and closing a sales call)
    • Sales management planning process
    • Sales forecasting techniques and deciding the field size

    Course 2: Implementing a Sales Plan

    • Identify the main criteria for hiring
    • Develop talents by training
    • Lead salespeople individually and in teams
    • Motivate and reward salespeople
    • Assess sales organization’s effectiveness
    • Assess and evaluate the performance of salespeople

    Course 3: Marketing Principles and their Relation to the Selling Process

    • Evolution of marketing concepts
    • Marketing strategy formulation
    • Marketing segmentation, targeting, positioning and research
    • Product planning, development and mix strategies
    • Brands, packaging and service marketing
    • Pricing and distribution
    • Personal selling, advertising, sales promotion and public relations
    • Managing marketing efforts

    Course 4: Global and Functional Perspective of Sales Management

    • What strategic thinking is
    • Strategic thinking process
    • Strategic thinking and strategic management
    • Ethical behavior on a global level
    • Creating an ethical environment in sales and marketing organizations
    • Controlling the ethical environment through a code of ethics
    • Introduction to and dynamics of service and industrial sectors
    • Sharing experiences from both sectors


    Final Graduation Project

    Implement the knowledge and skills you gained to analyze your current business situations to identify the main areas of strength as well as areas that need to be improved and recommend an action plan. 

    • A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with a minimum grade of “good” or a minimum grade point average of 2.3 is required.
    • For applicants who graduated from university with an overall grade of “pass,” two years of professional work experience is required.
    • Applicants should pass the Standard English Proficiency Test (SEPT).
    • AUC graduates and ExecEd alumni are exempted from the SEPT.