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SME Readiness Program

Program Description

Developing the skills of employees is crucial to productive and effective performance in knowledge-based economies. The quality of management is particularly important for SMEs that must be able to adapt quickly to evolving markets and changing circumstance!
For all the business leaders working in this sector, the SME Readiness Program was specifically tailored to help you address the challenges and obstacles of managing an SME.
Through a customized training program, this capacity-building opportunity will equip you with all the necessary skills and knowledge that will help you boost bottom line-performance as well as power through the failure risks of managing a small firm.

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  • SME managers looking to lead their organization to growth and sustainability!

    • Carrying out a reliable analysis of your SME finances Learning how to manage the human resources of your SME through the use of appropriate leadership skills, management tools and techniques
    • Identifying key financial performance indicators for your organization and key risk factors and how to manage them
    • Utilizing a range of best practice techniques to improve the performance of your company
    • Preparing and presenting a development plan and growth plan
    • Forming partnerships and raising investment for your SME