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Start-up to Scale Up Guide

Program Description

While bringing a new idea to life in such competitive markets is a challenging ordeal, scaling up your venture is an entirely different story! Building growth in the business model, creating a scalable organization and operation, sustaining the cash flows and securing new funds are but some of the challenges you will face as a “scale-up”.
Preparation is the key to a successful transition and a sustainable growth. Through a dynamic and interactive learning experience the Start-up to Scale-Up program will empower you to face all these challenges to ensure you can lead your organization through a smooth transition. This program is for all the entrepreneurs who started a successful start-up and are looking to become capable leaders who can guide their organization through an exciting period of growth as they scale-up!

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  • Entrepreneurs and leaders of fast-growth ventures who are looking to face the challenges of scaling up!

    • Identifying the various challenges, you will face as you grow your company including business model, operations, organization and personal leadership.
    • Learning how to formalize the operations of your company to deliver against growing customer requirements.
    • Identifying effective growth strategies and business model innovations.
    • Understanding personal leadership skills, gaps and development goals.
    • Learning how to create a scalable organization that can attract, grow and retain talent.
    • Practicing, through role-play exercise, the process of venture capital negotiation through multiple rounds and phases of growth.