Strategic Marketing Planning in the Digital Age - using PR Smith’s SOSTAC® Framework

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Program Date
March 28, 2021

Live Online

16,400 EGP*

Registration Deadline
March 21, 2021

*An additional 120 GBP is required for the SOSTAC® Certified Planner exam registration

This amount includes a 20 percent discount for program participants (Regular Exam fees 150 GBP)

* A 25% partial scholarship is available

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  • This 7-session live online course helps you create the optimal marketing strategy for your business, boost results from exploiting tactics, and avoid classical errors. This course reflects the need for practicable responses to the most common challenges facing executives grappling with digital challenges and opportunities.


    The customer in this digital age expects marketers to be creative and personalized with their messaging, to deliver what they want through the channel at the exact moment they want it. So how do you keep your strategy updated when your focus is a moving target?


    In this course, PR Smith shows you how to boost your short-term marketing results via proven techniques, how to build long-term sustainable competitive advantages by developing a more strategic perspective, and how to become a world-class marketer. Paul walks you through all you need to know to knock your plan into shape for the year ahead and beyond, showing you how to avoid the classic mistakes, exploit new digital tactical tools, build an integrated strategy, develop your plan, and measure results to ensure you continually boost your results.


    Participants will receive a workbook, textbook, ongoing tips, and the option to become a SOSTAC® Certified Planner*

    *Exam Registration in session 5. recommended access and completion within 10 days.

  • Write the perfect marketing plan (integrating digital)

    • Analyze Your Market
    • Clarify Your Objectives
    • Develop Your Strategy
    • Exploit Tactical Channels
    • Avoid the Classic Mistakes
    • Measure and Improve Performance via Constant Beta Culture

    You will understand

    • Sustainable Competitive Advantage
    • Hyper-competition
    • Marketing Strategy and the nine Strategic Components
    • Social Media and The Ladder of Engagement
    • Internal Marketing, “the missing piece.”

    Marketing Toolset (pros and cons)

    • 10 Tactical tools to get more visitors (advantages and disadvantages)
    • 10 Conversion Actions (visitors to customers)
    • 5 Conversion Actions (customers to lifetime customers)
    • The classic mistakes and pitfalls to avoid online
    • Best Practice tips, techniques, and golden rules

    And by the last two sessions, we will discuss

    • Agile marketing with SOSTAC®
    • SOSTAC® Applications on the Middle East Market
    • Create your SOSTAC® plan – Reflections
    • CEOs, marketing directors, and executives 
    • Aspiring professionals, middle managers, and entrepreneurs/start-ups
  • Situation Analysis (where are we now?): 

    Customers, competition, trends, and influencers; Who are your customers? Why do visitors visit and come back? What satisfies them? How do they buy? How do they process information? Free and paid tools to help you.  

    Objectives (where do we want to go?): 

    C level, marketing and operational objectives from mission to vision to the KPI Pyramid; plus, inspirational objectives, including ‘sizzle’ objectives.

    Strategy: (how do we get there?): 

    Why strategy is critical; types of strategy; key components of strategy; strategic options, testing your strategy.

    Tactics (the details of strategy): 

    All 10 communications tools and their advantages and disadvantages. The tactical matrix. Creative tactics: Owned, Earned, and paid media. 

    Actions (the details of Tactics): 

    How to ensure excellence in execution. The need for internal marketing. 20 actions to develop credibility. 10 actions to boost visitor conversions to sales. Five actions to nurture customers into lifetime customers.

    Control (how do you know you are getting there?): 

    Metrics and measurements. What to measure, how often, how much it costs and, most importantly what to do with these metrics. Includes constant optimization and developing a beta culture.

  • Participants seeking to join the program must have five years’ managerial experience or a degree in business/marketing.

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