Associate Professor
Department of Economics
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Brief Biography

John W. Salevurakis earned his BA and MBA in Economics from Westminster College in 1993 and 1996 respectively.  He then earned a PhD in Economics (2003) from The University of Utah after writing a dissertation on the efficacy of federally funded job training programs in the United States. He has been teaching and researching at AUC since the fall of 2004.

Professor Salevurakis’s research now focuses on the economic and social impact of Egyptian food subsidies.  He recently published an article exploring the theoretical and practical importance of Islamic finance within the confines of a broader capitalist economy.  John Salevurakis is also interested in health economics and the economics of wildlife conservation in Africa.

Professor Salevurakis previously taught undergraduate economics courses at Westminster College, The University of Utah, and Northern Arizona University. Since joining AUC’s faculty, he has primarily taught graduate level courses focused on the economics of international development and proper research methods for development economics. In the past, he has also taught courses in the history of economic thought and in labour economics. 

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Research Interest
  • Poverty
  • Islamic Finance
  • Food Subsidies
  • Gender Inequality
  • Development
  • Health Economics