Roberto Cardinale


Assistant professor
Department of Economics


Brief Biography

Roberto Cardinale is assistant professor in economics at the American University in Cairo. He is also Honorary Lecturer at the School of Construction and Project Management, University College London (UCL). He was previously a visiting researcher at Renmin University of China (Beijing). He has also conducted research at the University of Cambridge (UK), Sungkyunkwan University (Seoul, South Korea) and Galatasaray University (Istanbul, Turkey).

Roberto’s research explores the diverse approaches and tools of economic and industrial policy and their suitability for different sectors and stages of economic development. An important strand of his research analyzes the energy sector and the effects of EU liberalization policies on infrastructure investment, energy security, and price affordability for consumers. The empirical part of this research mainly concerns EU-North Africa energy trade and the role of diplomatic relations in the realization of cross-country energy infrastructure. In addition, he is pursuing several research projects at the interface between infrastructure, development and public policy, with a special interest in industrial and innovation strategies at different stages of economic development. Particular emphasis is given to the developmental role of network and infrastructure industries (energy, transport, telecom, water), and of State-Invested Enterprises as drivers of innovation, providers of Services of General Interest (SGI) and suppliers of strategic inputs (infrastructure, natural resources and technology). 

Roberto has published in leading journals and edited books on the themes of energy, infrastructure and economic development. He is regularly invited to present his research to the management of leading European and Chinese energy corporations. He is involved as researcher and consultant in projects funded by EU bodies on industrial innovation and state-invested enterprises.

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    • PhD in Economics and Financing of the Built Environment, The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management, The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, University College London (UCL), UK
    • MA in Political Economy, Catholic University of Milan, Italy
    • BA in International Relations, University of Palermo, Italy
Research Interest
  • Economics and regulation of infrastructure and network industries (energy, transport, telecom, water)
  • Global energy governance
  • Governance of State-Invested Enterprises
  • EU-North Africa trade and cross-country infrastructure
  • Energy and industrial policy in Egypt and the MENA region
  • EU Single Market and competition policy
  • Energy and industrial policy in East Asia
  • Decarbonization and renewable energy
  • Political economy
  • Economic history
  • Economic development