Business Solutions

Corporate Programs

We realized that each individual business will come to face its own unique set of problems all while trying to achieve a number of challenging goals. The debilitating question here is; how do businesses get from point A to B? How do they solve specific problems or achieve individualized and ambitious goals?

Success does not have a clear-cut recipe and solutions are not a one size fits all. With this in mind, we established the corporate programs with the purpose of serving as a facilitator, enabler and partner to businesses striving to achieve organizational excellence.


We understand. We develop. We impact.

Are They For You? 

From SME’s to multinationals, if you have a problem we can build a solution. When we become partners, your business will become our own; your goals our mission, your problems our concern.

With sustainability in mind, we don’t give you ready-made solutions. We create customized programs, a tailor-made experience that puts your business needs and goals at the heart of the program and empowers you with the knowledge and skills you need to arrive at the solution on your own.

 Everything from the training to the body of knowledge is adapted to deliver a relevant, rich and impactful experience that will optimize your business in the direction you want.

ROI, a possibility or a guarantee?

Bridging the gap between your current capacities and your organizational goal, our program is molded to take the shape of your organization’s unique needs and objectives; making results a guarantee.

We establish a complete understanding of your organization’s strategy and your unique learning needs through a rigorous discovery process initiated by the ExecEd team and your company’s concerned internal stakeholders, it starts by:

  • Building Context: We clearly define the challenges the company is facing, identify the immediate issues that need action and recognize the opportunities for collaboration.
  • Analysis and Assessment: We delineate the company’s most important goals, define the target audience, the specific topics that need to be addressed and set the program’s organization and structure to best maximize the results.
  • Program Development: Through their experience in research and teaching, faculty members and subject matter Experts develop the program specifications that best articulate and match program objectives
  • Program Delivery: Interactive practice-oriented learning methodologies, such as industry-related and focused cases, role play activities, video training aids, eye opener exercises and implementation tactics have a genuine impact in effectively delivering the content and allowing participants to develop the required skills to return to work armed with frameworks for application.