A Lifetime of Learning


Your journey

Knowledge is not a destination, it’s a journey.

We realized that learning is a lifelong pursuit and we’ve built our institution around this truth.  AUC School of Business is committed to being a lifelong partner to all those in search of knowledge, growth and excellence.

No matter where you might be in your journey of growth, we are your enduring partner through each and every step. 

At every stage of your professional career, there’s something to be learned. From the start of your journey as a fresh graduate to the apex of your professional career as an expert, we’ve tailored programs that will enrich your knowledge and extend the horizons of your vision.

To rise to the heights of knowledge, we need to lay the right foundations. Our programs help you to:


icon Step up: start our journey, with foundation programs that embed a solid, comprehensive and modernized base for the topic of choice; our foundation programs help you enter the career of your dreams, make that vital career shift or get introduced to a new discipline.   
icon Opening door: long term diplomas and concentrated programs help cultivates managers and executives and support your move up the corporate ladder.
icon Reconfiguring business: building on your years of experience and knowledge, our advanced programs help you leveraged your knowledge and equip you with the latest and most ground-breaking practices that only you can assimilate and properly use to revolutionize your business.


Our Edge

Experiential learning

​​​​​​To match the fast pace of new practices as they emerge, we’ve revitalized your learning experience. We make use of the latest and most effective techniques of experiential learning to create a constructive, engaging and enriching classroom experience. Through top-quality case studies, challenging simulations, innovative gamification techniques, we’ve crafted the most interactive learning experience for your benefit.

Re-engineered curriculum

​​​​​​To make sure we have the “Best in Class Programs”, we’ve handpicked am inclusive development committee to engineer well-rounded, relevant and impactful programs.

Prominent faculty

Leveraging their technical expertise and years of pedagogic experience, AUC faculty members lead the program development efforts, review and propose the overall structure and learning objectives of the program. This ensures our educational value is up to par to Master level coursework and streamlines with the School of Business and AUC direction.

Industry experts

Coming from industry-leading businesses, experts with deep knowledge of the industry give insights on new market trends to ensure programs are concurrent with world-class best practices and offer real-time value and relevance.


Subject matter experts

​​​​​​​Qualified experts in the subject matter itself take part in the program development and are responsible for the development/review of content (Body of Knowledge), assessment tools, readings and references making sure the program is a goldmine of knowledge.