The AUC School of Business Experience

With the aim of reconfiguring business in the local and regional marketplace with a commitment to quality, excellence and innovation, the AUC School of Business acts as a catalyst for organizational change and excellence. Our executive education programs are a key channel to serve, connect and support our corporate stakeholders and society at large. 

The AUC Experience

Our campus provides an unrivaled experience characterized by world-class quality and value. As part of the AUC brand, we set to provide executive education programs on par if not superior to our academic degree programs. With this in mind, we aim to enhance the lifelong learning opportunities of our participants throughout their career life cycle and leverage AUC infrastructure, facilities, and community is to provide you with an unforgettable experience.


Quality and Impact: The AUC School of Business Recipe

School of Business is firmly committed to quality, the crest of the AUC. To offer the “Best in Class” programs, we are in a dynamic pursuit to regularly update content and teaching methods of our programs as well as introducing new programs that reflect the changing requirements of the job market all while leveraging the AUC quality brand.

Our programs stem from real-life needs and are developed to harmonize with each stage of the participants learning journey; adding distinct value and knowledge to each and every applicant.

Top-tier Facilities

Extending over 260 acres, our state of the art campus was crafted as an inclusive space encompassing everything from technologically advanced study areas and pioneering research centers to fully equipped training rooms and office space.

A Knowledge Hub

Home to the largest English-language collection in Egypt, the AUC library is the hub of study, research and exploration on campus. Expert research librarians are always available to assist you in hunting down information, whether in a book, online, or in a document in another library across the world.

Prominent Faculty

School of Business faculty support design and/or delivery of ExecEd programs.  Home to some of the most notable scholars in the region, members of the AUC faculty provide a wealth of professional experience, international qualifications and specialized expertise making their contributions of unparalleled value to our programs.

Influential Graduates 

AUC School of Business fosters communities of forward-thinking individuals, eager to interact, connect and exchange knowledge. ExecEd participants gain access to an impressive network of Alumni, all committed to self-development, organizational excellence and impact. ExecEd Alumni include some of the most influential business leaders in the region, industry experts and aspiring young visionaries. ExecEd Alumni are not graduates, they’re a movement.