Business Administration

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Why Business Administration?

At School of Business, you learn to not only recognize opportunity, but to create it


Can you really bring your entrepreneurial idea to life? Should you always put your money in the bank? Why do you have the urge to buy this specific product?

The world around you is centered on an inherent logic, your own life is governed by unspoken rules. Isn’t it time you understand?
The core areas of Business Administration are at the heartbeats of today’s global markets, giving sense to many of today’s trends, opportunities and even people’s behaviors and decisions. That’s why the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is one of the most popular and highly sought after majors of study at universities around the globe.

The interdisciplinary nature of the BBA will leave you well versed and proficient in the structural pillars of today’s markets: Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Marketing, Finance and Management of Information Systems (MOIS).
Studying Businesses Administration is more than just memorizing a selection of curated information, leaving you with abstract concepts and shaky grounds. It’s about helping you grow into a competent and well-rounded individual who is capable of succeeding in a dynamic market and adapting to a constantly evolving business environment. 

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We make sure you can be whatever you want to be,

you can do whatever you set your mind to

  • To grow you into the future leaders and innovative minds you have the potential to be, you must be given more. That’s why here, at AUC School of Business, we are committed to giving you a learning experience that strays from the mundane. 
    We strive to create what is needed and offer more than is desired.

    By creating a formative and solid curriculum, we ensure you receive the essential business knowledge you need from the classroom. What’s more, our program stresses on the application of said knowledge in real life scenarios through interactive simulations, writing case studies and working on projects with real companies; giving you a gist of how theory and practice coincide.
    By offering an enriching experience outside the classroom, we support you to:

    •    Deepen your understanding of the business world by participating in national and international competitions. 
    •    Broaden your horizons by going on exploratory study tours and attending inspiring conferences. 
    •    Discover the wide range of student clubs, activities and events tailored to expose you to a real-life pace and enhance your practical experience.  
    •    Gain from AUC exclusive internships in leading multinational institutions that will enable you to form long-lasting relationships and networks

  • AUC School of Business promises you much more than a stable career. It promises you an integrated growth.
    As a business administration graduate, you won’t be just another gear in the workforce well-oiled machine. You will be the one influencing it, shaping it and changing it for the better. And with the cross-disciplinary nature of the degree, you will be free to venture across different sectors and industries, expanding your career options. 

    At AUC School of Business, we make sure you can:

    - You can follow your dreams and open your own business by relying on the foundations of entrepreneurship

    - You can create trends and test the limits of you creativity by assuming influential marketing roles

    - You can construct insightful financial models to steer financial institutions into clear waters

    - You can connect with people and create the working environment you believe is right through Human Resources positions.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

With a concentrations in Marketing, Finance, Management of Information Systems, Entrepreneurship and International Business.
A total of 127 credits are required for the Bachelor of Business Administration.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management of Information and Communication Technology (MICT)

A total of 133 credits are required for the Bachelor of Business Administration in MICT (with no more than 63 hours of courses in the area of business). 


A minor offers students majoring in other disciplines the opportunity to develop a well-rounded business background.