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The School of Business faculty enhance learning through top-quality research activities and prepares students to compete in a knowledge-based global community. 

Research Approach

To foster a vibrant and empowering research ecosystem, we built a research environment engineered to support our community with both enabling financial resources and cutting-edge technical capital. We adopt the MIG Research Strategy to help us focus on the cornerstones of impactful research.

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Impact Research

Research Events

To fulfill our mission of becoming a leading research hub, our school is home to a number of research series that aim at the development and dissemination and focus on different business topics.

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Faculty Interests

Explore our faculty expertise and research interests in different disciplines

Business In Motion


A2K4D Team

Access to Knowledge for Development Center

Starting operations in 2010, A2K4D acts as a regional center for research and policy analysis on access to knowledge in Egypt and the region. The center fosters policy-oriented research that investigates the economic and legal challenges that face access to knowledge.

The Access to Knowledge for Development Center is a strong vehicle of change, advancing the dissemination and facilitating the access to knowledge on a regional scale

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Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation- CEI

Launched in 2015 as an evolution of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program (EIP), the CEI focuses on promoting entrepreneurial education and capacity building opportunities.

The CEI efforts are mainly concentrated on research and support efforts. On one hand, the center carries out cutting edge research on entrepreneurship in the Arab Region. On the other hand, the CEI supports the growth of collaborative entrepreneurial ecosystems aimed at promoting economic growth and job creation in Egypt and the region. 

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is piloting the region towards adopting a more educated and structured form of entrepreneurship

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John D. Gerhart Center for Philanthropy, Civic Engagement and Responsible Business

Established in 2006, the Gerhart Center aims to further the AUC’s mission to advance social responsibility and active citizenship. The center is a leading provider of knowledge and resources to strengthen philanthropic and civic practice in the Arab region. The center was named after the late John D. Gerhart, AUC’s ninth president, whose career provided a model of public service.

The John D.Gerhart is the beacon for active change, promoting and working towards a better and more conscientious society.

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El-Khazindar Business Research and Case Center (KCC)

Established in 2008, El-Khazindar Business Research and Case Center works on providing a range of enriching educational services for students to promote a participant-centered learning experience. The center focuses on three main dimensions: practical publications, knowledge dissemination and teaching enhancement. The KCC’s efforts are mainly directed at developing top-caliber students, connecting businesses and students in the region, and contributing to the enhancement of society through academic research and practical applications.

El-Khazindar is a progressive force, endorsing a more grounded and participant-centered learning experience.

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AUC Venture Lab

Because our university believes in the untapped potential of our community’s local minds, the AUC endeavored to spawn a golden opportunity for growth. The university built on its knowledge and resources to establish the AUC Venture Lab startup incubator.  The AUC Venture Lab empowers promising startups by offering the distinctive prospect of capitalizing on the University’s world-class facilities and knowledge base and connecting with the AUC School of Business’s network of students, alumni, mentors, and investors

The Venture Lab is committed to harboring a thriving ecosystem of innovation, education and business.


Financial Services Center

The center offers a state-of-the-art instructional facility that aims to integrate hands-on financial services practice with classroom financial concepts, such as securities trading, risk management and asset allocation. This first-of-its-kind center in the region to offer students, researchers and professionals access to real-time financial data, professional research tools and leading analytical software, replicating a real-life trading room environment.