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Women on Boards Observatory

The business case for increasing the number of women on corporate boards is clear. Women are successful in university studies and at the onset of their careers, but attrition rates increase as they progress through an organization. Women represent 60 percent of university graduates globally and 80 percent of consumer-goods-purchasing decision makers. Evidence suggests that companies with strong female representation at board and top-management levels perform better than those without, and that gender-diverse boards have a positive impact on performance.

The Women on Boards Observatory aims to improve the gender balance of corporate boards in Egypt and the MENA region by sensitizing male board members to gender issues, qualifying women from different sectors to be appointed to corporate boards, and advocating for policy and legislative changes that institutionalize gender diversity on corporate board.

Flagship Activities

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Women on Boards Monitoring Report

Providing a snapshot of the representation of women on boards in listed companies, the banking sector and the public enterprise sector in Egypt. The report also includes a simple indicator for women on boards in Egypt and identifies the gap of women on boards in each sector to reach the target of the 2030 strategy.


Board Placement

Board Placement Service

The board placement service will place and promote female talents on boards thus, helping organizations in realizing the benefits of increased diversity and connecting board-ready women with CEOs and Board Executives.

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A database will be maintained for Egyptian Board Ready Women. It will include current female board members in addition to eligible board ready women to serve on boards.

Members and Partners of the Observatory

Members and partners of the Observatory represent a unique partnership bringing together government, business associations, research institutions, international organizations and non-government organizations.

Knowledge Sharing

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