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If you’re interested in grasping a basic yet solid understanding of development economics but you don’t want to invest just yet in a master’s degree, then the graduate diploma is what you’re looking for.  The program offers a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to development economics ensuring you get an educated outlook on the full picture and understand the dynamics behind global development issues. Going further, the program boasts a case study approach to allow you to critically asses the successes, failures and impact of development initiatives over time, giving you the chance to witness firsthand how theory and practice interplay.



Applicants to this program should:

  •  Have strong knowledge of fundamental economic concepts and analytical tools.

  • Obtain an acceptable score on the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) before the completion of their first semester of enrollment.

Applicants whose bachelor’s degree is in a discipline other than economics may be admitted provisionally, but in such cases, the applicant must either display competence in economics via an interview or work experience in the field of economics or develop the necessary competence by completing additional undergraduate courses.


Program Completion

The graduate diploma requires students to complete a total of 15 credit hours, spread between a series of required and elective courses. Students finishing the program may apply for admission to the Master of Arts in economics in international development.



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