The AUC Experience

When you join the School of Business, you gain more than an education.  As part of the American University in Cairo, the School has access to all resources and perks of one of the most prestigious learning institutes in the region. The AUC Experience is more than a catchy heading; it’s a reality that will shape both your learning and self-development journey at the School of Business. The AUC experience is the embodiment of the university’s pledge to be a student-centric space, one that boats student’s right to self-expression, feeds their hunger for knowledge and praises their individuality.

Features that define the AUC Experience


The Campus

Extending over 260 acres, a state of the art campus was crafted as an inclusive space encompassing everything from technologically advanced study areas to picturesque seating in the gardens; there’s something for everyone.

Swimmer in the pool

The Facilities

The campus is home to a state of the art sports complex featuring everything your body and soul need. Whether you’re looking to join a competitive team or pass some leisure time you can enjoy exciting soccer matches in green fields, pump that iron in the gym, cool down in an Olympic pool , dribble on the Basketball court,  hold that Squash/Tennis racket high or just take a deep breath in a yoga class. If you’re looking for something less intense but just as fun, you’ll definitely find your calling in the table tennis area or the pool tables room.


 The Knowledge Hub

Home to the largest English-language collection in Egypt, the AUC library is the hub of study, research and investigation on campus.  The library is home to the Learning Commons, your go-to spot for research and technology help. Expert research librarians are always available to assist you in hunting down information, whether in a book, online or in a document in another library across the world. The jeweled crown of the experience is, the people. You will be a set in an intellectually stimulating environment with some of the brightest most promising minds in the country; it’s a truly unique opportunity to broaden your horizons and meet people from all walks of life.