MBA Exchange Programs


The MBA exchange program was initiated in collaboration with the International Programs Office and renowned international schools. The program reflects the significance of international exposure in shaping student knowledge and experience and acknowledges the increasing demand for global citizens in the business world. The concept of the exchange programs entails that students pay for their credit work here at AUC and also pay for transportation and accommodation. The exchange program provides the participants with highly needed international exposure. 

As the MBA students are working in diversified fields and many are working in multinational companies, the exchange program is of a great benefit for them as it allows them to have a broader and international vision. This definitely adds to their knowledge and gives them a good chance to have a global vision. 

The program’s first cohort included three MBA students who attended the Monterey Institute of International studies in California for four months. This experience allowed students to expand their global network, as well as understand and adapt to different environments and cultures.


The school has exclusive exchange programs agreements with the following universities, in which students from both universities benefit from this mutual understanding: