Experiential Learning


The MBA program provides you with a strong understanding of real-life business practices and provides you with international experiences that are crucial in maneuvering today's dynamic and cross bordered business world.


A unique opportunity to hear from some of the leading names in business and government. The series aims at enhancing your exposure and providing you with the opportunity to learn practical work-life experiences. 


An open forum that seeks to enhance your academic experience by linking it to the real world. This is done through the introduction of high caliber speakers to debate a special topic from different angles followed by open-ended interaction between the speakers and the MBA students and faculty members. 


Hands-On learning and application took that plunges you in a virtual world where you can explore business issues and implement different scenarios.  

Case studies immerse you in a real-life business problem and allow you to interact in class discussions in order to develop viable solutions.


Case competitions provide you with a unique learning experience and provide you with a deep understanding of the business landscape as well as develop your team dynamics. Teams compete to resolve complex issues around consumer behavior, economic trends, regulatory and policy reforms, technology adoption and the supporting ecosystem.


Get exposed to basic conceptual, analytical and technical knowledge and skill set necessary for project management and consultancy through engaging in the implementation of a real client operational improvement project under the coaching of professional consultants and the supervision of the instructor.


The School offers MBA students hands-on international experience through a range of study tours, study abroad and exchange programs that provide students with the flavor of business across the world.