An International Experience

The MBA program underpins our school’s belief in pursuing academic excellence through diversity and internationalization. The program will expose you to a deep and nuanced understanding of global market perceptions and realities. Building on that, the program will walk you through the steps of effectively working in a multicultural environment with the help of specially designed co-curricular activities.


MBA Exchange Programs

The concept of the exchange programs entails that students pay for their credit work here at AUC and also pay for transportation and accommodation. The exchange program provides the participants with highly needed international exposure. The program reflects the significance of international exposure in shaping student knowledge and experience and acknowledges the increasing demand for global citizens in the business world.

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Inbound International Study Tours

The School hosts student tours from top internationally recognized universities such as Columbia University, The George Washington University, University of Toronto and the University of Virginia. The objective of these tours is to provide students with international exposure in terms of academic content and interaction with diverse peers and faculty members. 

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Outbound International Study Tours

The MBA program organizes tours intended to offer the MBA students a hands-on international experience that is highly needed in today's world.

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Doing Business in the Middle East

These are special programs offered to international schools to learn about doing business in the Middle East region focusing on what is special and unique in this area of the world. The program focuses on how to do business in the Middle East and what foreigners need to learn to be able to communicate and perform business deals.

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