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Why Accounting?

You enable effective decision-making. You uphold the integrity of businesses. You safeguard investors.

Accounting is the right path for you if you're seeking a program to qualify you to act as a vital buffer to global markets.

As an accountant, you will serve as the primary liaison between business entities, their stakeholders, and a comprehensive information system. Your role will involve handling crucial financial data upon which critical decisions are made thus making your contributions the key to effective business decision-making.

Pursuing an accounting degree will also give you the chance to follow a career as an auditor, the active deterrent to managerial malfeasance. You will be the gatekeeper preserving the integrity of the business markets and upholding the principles of responsible governance.

But why should you pursue a degree in accounting today? Because in this period of complex transactions, increased public scrutiny, and global integration the business world has never been more in need of qualified, competent, and well-educated young accountants.

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Professor of Accounting and Associate Provost for Enrollment Management Ahmed Abdel-Meguid gives a short brief about AUC’s accounting undergraduate program.

  • We designed the accounting program with the purpose of equipping you with the theoretical, technical and practical knowledge you need to stand out. Our program invites you to:

    • Expand your understanding of the dynamics of the business world with theoretical concepts such as corporate governance, financial transparency and ethical considerations.
    • Grasp the core essence of accounting through a comprehensive set of technical knowledge about financial accounting, cost/managerial accounting, taxation and auditing.
    • Put the theory into practice through constructive case studies, stimulating competitions, and educational projects focusing on corporations, auditing firms and other business entities.      

    We teach you how to meticulously prepare and insightfully interpret financial statements. More importantly, we grow you into a conscientious financial agent.

  • AUC School of Business is a stamp of excellence and competence.

    As one of our accounting graduates, you will have the leverage to choose from a variety of career opportunities and professional domains

    Like our previous accounting graduates, you will have high prospects of employment in the leading multinational companies, the "big four" auditing firms and distinguished financial institutions.

    You will also be eligible and well equipped to follow in the footsteps of our graduates and pursue world-class certifications such as;  Certified Public Accountant (CPA), the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualifications.

    We offer more. A solid business foundation. An interconnected community. And a place you can always call home.

Ehab ElShafei

Graduating from AUC School of Business, I have earned so much more than a bachelor's degree. I acquired the skills and knowledge base that helped me excel in my career.

Ehab Elshafei ‘20
Nadeen Abdel Wahab

My experience as an undergraduate student was never restricted to being taught materials from books; it was more of a coaching and mentorship program that supported my personal development and career planning.

Nadeen Ali Abdel Wahab ‘19
Tarek ElNazer

AUC School of Business gives you great exposure which you can relate to once you interact with real life. It definitely gives you a headstart.

Tarek El Nazer ’06

Be what the world needs, be an AUC School of Business student

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