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Why Business and Entrepreneurship?

A successful economic future for Egypt, the Middle East, and the world is highly dependent on a basic understanding of business principles and practices and how they apply to firms in a dynamic environment. Through a degree with real-world industry experience embedded in its curriculum, turning a vision into reality or enhancing existing business practices around the world will become possible.


The Bachelor of Business and Entrepreneurship equips students with the skills and knowledge needed to become “business-ready,” including critical thinking, responsible business, and adaptability to complex situations. At the same time, students will explore and unleash their creativity, innovativeness, and entrepreneurial thinking to prepare them for running a new business venture. Moreover, students will learn the ins and outs of the fundamentals of business, including managing people, operations, marketing, finance, business ethics, and more, to fast-track their career progression.

As a Bachelor of Business and Entrepreneurship student, you can choose from our entrepreneurship or corporate track, depending on your preferred career path.

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Abdul Latif Jameel endowed chair of entrepreneurship and associate professor, Ayman Ismail, gives a short brief about AUC’s business and entrepreneurship undergraduate program


  • The Bachelor of Business and Entrepreneurship curriculum provides students with a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences while enabling them to develop expertise in business management and practices. This combination empowers students to stand out in the market upon graduation. Major emphasis is placed on the role of business in Egypt and the Middle East, providing our students with relevant and directly applicable learning connections. Inside the classroom, students benefit from applying business knowledge through projects, participating in simulations, writing case studies, and working with leading companies. Outside the classroom, students are exposed to real-life, practical experiences by participating in national and international competitions, study tours and conferences, and internships.

  • This new program is designed with an emphasis on business integration and entrepreneurship to cater to current market needs and graduate professionals with holistic business knowledge and entrepreneurial skills. Students are equipped with the skills necessary to become future leaders of business in the region and beyond. Bachelor of Business and Entrepreneurship graduates do not just join the workforce; they influence it, shape it, and change it for the better. The program teaches them to not only recognize opportunity but to create it, which is a must-have skill set to navigate today’s rapidly evolving world. A business and entrepreneurship degree prepares students for business-related careers, which may stretch across any sector or industry. Therefore, career options are boundless, including, but not limited to, administrative and management functions in finance, marketing, operations, human resources, and more, in multinational corporations, financial institutions, consulting firms, and the banking sector. Additionally, graduates may venture into the area of entrepreneurship and pursue their dreams of starting their own business.