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Why Economics?

Optimal Outcomes Require Rational Decision


Have you ever questioned why Egypt floated the pound? Have you wondered why some countries’ economies suddenly collapse? Have you ever been perplexed by how global markets are interconnected? 

The modern-day economies you live in often raise a lot of questions and leave you wondering. Economics is the art of analyzing and understanding your surroundings; the art of getting answers. 

When you pursue a degree in economics you commit to a journey of critical thinking, a journey where you will:

•    Study theories that simplify and explain the intricate dynamics of the market you live in. 
•    Gain an appreciation and lucid perception of the interdependence of world economic systems 
•    Understand the connection between theory and the main features of economic policy

Economics is a science that changes how you see the world. When you begin to understand the rationale behind life-changing decisions and how it affects you as an economic agent you are granted power. The power to do more than just react, the power to act as an agent of change in this environment.
In simpler terms, Economics is all about making the complex world you live in, a world you can understand. A world you can conquer. 

    • Our Economics program is carefully curated to gear you with the fundamentals of economic analysis theory and policy.

      The program will take you into an exploratory journey through various applications of market economics, government policy and international trade. You will not only learn of the real-life application of each of these topics but will also shape your own perspective on these pivotal pillars of the global market.

      We understand that, as an economist, your responsibility will be to take optimal and rational decisions. Accordingly, we will support you in creating a solid foundation on which you can base these decisions.  By exposing you to community-based learning, experimental methods and career internship experience you will get a chance to see how theory and practice juxtapose in real life settings.

      We will nurture you into a fully-fledged economist by banking on our faculty, our history and our course selection:

      1. Every member of our faculty comes from a prominent professional background ranging from strategic positions in key governmental institutions, influential policy-making functions and leading roles in economic research institutions; each member has constructive real-life experience to offer you above and beyond simply relaying course work.
      2. The Department of Economics was established in 1947. Giving us 73 years of experience in tailoring a diverse, comprehensive and formative academic portfolio balanced with the mixture of theoretical and practical courses.
      3. Our curriculum is designed to expose you to the diversity of edifying topics ranging from gender, education and the environment to stock markets, financial regulations and economic policies of Egypt and the Middle East.
    • Our economics program arms you with a career foundation that has a unique diversity in the job market; giving you the opportunity to choose from a select scope of promising career paths. 

      •    You can steer the direction of public policy by working in the public sector leading governmental entities.
      •    You can make an impact by working non-governmental and international institutions such as the United Nation
      •    You can rise to the challenge of thriving in competitive markets by working in multinational companies and influential banking institutions such as the World Bank

    What Our Students Say

    Wassila Elfeky

    Economics is many disciplines brought into one, and I find that to be the most intriguing part about the major. Whether you enjoy maths and statistics, love history and understanding the past or you find your passion in developmental and qualitative economics, this department is the place for you. You are surrounded by faculty from all over the world with experiences in every career path you can imagine ranging from financial advising to governmental roles. Every day in this major is a new opportunity for inspiration and enlightenment. Wherever you plan on ending up, this is the place to start.

    Wassila Elfeky
    Ziad El Laithy

    After 4 years of hard work and studying, nothing feels more rewarding than having the necessary knowledge and being equipped with the skills that can be used to help improve the Egyptian economy and move to higher development levels.

    Ziad El Laithy
    Nada Bakry

    By choosing to major in Economics, I have chosen to major in all disciplines, all at once. As Economics students, we are taught how to quantify the qualitatives, how to attend to details while focusing on the bigger picture, and how to be critical of all, even the givens. With such interdisciplinarity and practical skills, an endless array of opportunities awaits us as we enter the job market holding an Economics degree from AUC's School of Business.

    Nada Bakry