Economics Minor


Most undergraduate students seek to secure a broader spectrum of career options to be at their disposal. Economics is a field that is multidisciplinary in nature, meaning a minor in Economics will allow you to learn a plethora of foundational economic models and theories that will equip you to take on a diverse array of career choices. Additionally, a minor in Economics will prepare you to be able to effectively assess, critically analyze and devise solutions for relevant local or international economic challenges through the integration of both practical and community-based learning. 


If you are looking to minor in Economics:*

  1. Students must complete the following courses with an average grade of B prior to applying for declaration:

    1. ECON 201/2021 Introduction to Macroeconomics (3 cr.)

    2. ECON 202/2011 Introduction to Microeconomics (3 cr.) with an average 

  2. After minor declaration, students must complete three other economics courses, 300-level or above.


*Economics courses that cannot be included in the minor are:

  1. ECON 316/3061 Mathematics for Economists II (3 cr.)

  2. ECON 318/3081 Introduction to Econometrics (3 cr.)


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