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Why Finance?

In essence, finance provides the bigger picture for any organization. With the proliferation of ground-breaking fintech services, the unprecedented growth in banking, and the interconnectedness of global economies dominating the scene, the role of finance has become increasingly central to businesses.

Capital mismanagement can have insidious and immediate economic effects, which is why finance employs optimal money management strategies associated with banking, leverage or debt, credit, capital markets, money, and investments to ensure business continuity and profitability. Even amid fluctuating economic climates, demand remains high for finance experts in global markets. 

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Assistant professor, Rim Cherif, gives a short brief about AUC’s finance undergraduate program

  • A Bachelor of Business in Finance provides students with a comprehensive learning experience that transforms them into well-rounded professionals. Students in the Bachelor of Business in Finance program gain in-depth financial knowledge and a thorough understanding of a given industry’s best practices and a business’s various functions. The courses offer an enriching classroom experience that focuses on adapting to a local context, fitting with Egyptian firms' needs, and meeting market needs and challenges. Students also benefit from a range of experiential learning activities, including professional internships in the field and opportunities to compete in local and regional finance case competitions.

  • The Bachelor of Business in Finance equips its graduates with the skills needed to advance their careers in the finance field and keep up with the growth in the banking and financial service sectors, both locally and globally. Due to this growth, the finance field is brimming with rewarding career options in a wide variety of industries. Today, career-driven finance graduates are not found only in banking; they are also present in areas such as corporate and government financial management, financial planning, investment services, brokerage services, budget analysis, credit, financial advising, and much more. Since the finance field will always be vital, the career opportunities continue to grow, unhindered by global circumstances.

Aly Osman

I would choose to join the AUC School of Business again and again. The quality of education, the community, and the networking is a perfect combination for the success of any individual.

Aly Osman ‘14
Nada Maklad

Exploring AUC School of Business' vivid and dynamic community was a true eye-opening experience that will never leave you the same again.

Nada Maklad, '19
Amin Marei

At AUC School of Business, I learned how people from diverse backgrounds and with different personalities could work together and thrive when sharing a common mission.

Amin Marei '11