Why Marketing?

Marketing is a vital function of business operations, which impacts the success or failure of any business. Marketing examines consumer perceptions, wants and needs, and develops strategies that adapt to a society’s evolving trends. Marketing is the foundation that enables businesses to make smart and insightful decisions that empower them to grow.

Today, marketing skills are a must-have to navigate our fast-paced era, one that depends on human interaction as an essential function of business. These indispensable skills include learning about consumer insights, the ability to influence purchase decisions, data interpretation, human interaction, understanding the business-consumer relationship from both perspectives and much more. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Business in Marketing are equipped to act as well-rounded, critical thinkers, presenting impeccable skills that make them savvier professionals.

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Chair of management and associate professor, Ahmed Tolba, gives a short brief about AUC’s marketing undergraduate program

  • Students of the Bachelor of Business in Marketing program participate in a multidisciplinary learning experience that takes several perspectives into account, including psychology, information systems and data analytics. The Bachelor of Business in Marketing curriculum accommodates changing industry requirements and provides students with a more in-depth knowledge of the latest market trends. The coursework covers timely topics that influence business performance and marketing’s role in shaping relevant decisions, such as brand management, product innovation, advertising and communication and exploring buying behaviors.

  • Marketing graduates have various career opportunities at their fingertips. A Bachelor of Business in Marketing prepares graduates not only for a career in a traditional business setting but for any industry that requires transforming analytics into strategy. A wide variety of professions utilize a marketing education, including, but not limited to, careers in business intelligence, analytics, management, marketing communications, advertising and public relations.

Nour Hesham

To me, marketing is a big puzzle that needs all the proper pieces to fit. It has a very good balance between the fun side and the analytical side. I also believe that it teaches you a lot about human psychology. You get to learn more about people, how you can better target them, how they behave, and what they like and don't like.

Nour Hesham ‘21
Omar Fadi

The School of Business always ensured the provision of a well-rounded and dynamic experience for its students, preparing us for what’s yet to come.

Omar Fadi ‘19
Jidaa Maged

AUC School of Business will always be my best life investment.  Not only because it’s recognized among the best in the world and thus provided me with the best education, but also because it gives you the opportunity to meet with best calibers and that’s what brightens up your personality along with your cognitive and analytical abilities. It will leave you with nothing but always a feeling of pride for being an AUC School of Business alumni.

Jidaa Maged, ‘18