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The Aftermath of COVID-19: The New Social Impact Ecosystem

The New Social Impact Ecosystem webinar series aims to discuss concepts that are currently not mainstream and may (or perhaps should) become mainstream in the aftermath of the COVID-19.

May - December 2022

Youssef Nassef

COP27 and the role of African Universities

Youssef Nassef

Director of the Adaptation Division, UNFCCC
Chair, World Adaptation Science Programme

Moderated by: 

Adham Ramadan

Associate Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Cairo Time 3:00 pm

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Alan Fowler DPhil

Is Development Practice Delivering?

Alan Fowler DPhil

Honorary Professor Chair in African Philanthropy, Wits Business School
Professor Emeritus, International Institute of Social Studies

Does aided development work?  Past answers and pre-Covid progress in realizing the Sustainable Development Goals give reason to doubt both efficacy and achievement. Using metaphors of chains and hourglasses, a reflective assessment of this often repeated question is critically explored by examining the relational setup and development practices that have evolved over many years.

Monday, May 16, 2022

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