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Magazines, journals and other educational materials that offer a comprehensive view of business trends. 


Exploring Business World in the Arab World

El-Khazindar Business Research and Case Center (KCC) partnered up with the Business Cases Institute of ESCA Ecole de Management in Morocco to deliver a casebook comprising of 10 case studies, five of the cases are from Egypt and the other five are from Morocco. This valuable collection of case studies is the result of a great collaboration between El-Khazindar Business Research and Case Center within the AUC’s School of Business and ESCA Ecole de Management in Casablanca. The ten case studies in this book provide Valuable data on reputable companies from Egypt and Morocco. The cases address key business issues such as market repositioning, supply chain, human resources, crisis management, business models and business sustainability. The distinctive case studies address totally different stages among the exciting entrepreneurial cycle, from start-up to growth, sustainability, and international enlargement moreover as being an effective teaching tool for disciplines related to new venture management and entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship in the Arab World: Ten Case Studies

This collection gives valuable insights into the challenges of launching and sustaining businesses in the emerging economies of the Arab world. These case studies showcase the experiences of 10 intriguing entrepreneurial ventures from emerging markets in the Arab world (Egypt, the UAE, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia). Readers will gain in-depth insight on a variety of localized strategic, managerial, marketing, and innovative approaches and practices, which create unique challenges and opportunities in a region undergoing rapid political, social, and economic transformations. The unique case studies address different stages within the exciting entrepreneurial cycle, from start-up to growth, sustainability, and international expansion. This casebook is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to know more about launching and sustaining a business within developing Arab economies, as well as being an effective teaching tool for disciplines related to new venture management and entrepreneurship.

Innovations Journal Special Edition

In partnership with MIT Press, KCC developed a special edition of its journal Innovation, which features success stories from a number of MENA region entrepreneurial businesses. MIT's Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship issued Innovations Journal jointly by George Mason University's School of Public Policy, Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, and features cases authored by exceptional innovators, commentary, research from leading academics, essays from globally recognized executives and political leaders.

Cases on Business and Management in the MENA Region: New Trends and Opportunities (IGI Casebook)

The book presents a careful blend of conceptual, theoretical and applied research in regard to the relationship between the Middle East and North Africa region and business and management. This casebook explores the importance of these relationships, aspects related to ICT, accounting, data protection, usability concerning corporate change and supply chain management. This publication will further theories and practices in the region, as it provides a voice for regional business and management.