The Office of Student Services and Development

The Office of Student Services and Development (OSSD) is a one-stop shop designed to assist in the development of the School’s students with mentorship and career advising opportunities. The OSSD assists students to explore a variety of career fields through internship opportunities offered under the Career Center, international/national competitions and student-related conferences through the incubation into a well-structured student development program upon declaration.
As such, the School restructured the OSS into OSSD, which complements and works in very close collaboration with the CAPS office, providing services specifically tailored for School of Business students. These include providing internships for students, playing a major role in student competitions, as well as providing the students with more personal mentorships and development opportunities. 
Through the activities and services provided by the OSSD, students can broaden their experience and horizons, attain a balanced development and enrich their campus life. 
Working in partnership with other stakeholders across the campus, OSSD provides programs, services and activities to assist students in developing the competencies, skills and values needed to lead and serve in a diverse and changing world. 

Meet the Team

Eman Mourad

Senior Manager, Student Services and Development

Wasfahan Moawad

Officer, Student Services and Development

Farida Mahgoub

Senior Specialist, Student Services and Development

Sandra Sami

Senior Specialist, Student Services and Development