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A Unique Learning Experience

Economics is the field that unveils the dynamics and unspoken laws that govern global markets, modern societies and consumer choices. We understand that to truly bring about change, you must understand how changes can be made both in theory and in practice.

Our program has been curated over the span of five decades to ensure you are well-armed with the knowledge that allows you to accurately identify economic problems as well as use appropriate mechanisms and methods to rectify and then evaluate the impact of your efforts.

Backed by a solid theoretical framework and extensive knowledge on development practices and their impact on economic indicators, our graduate program will help you become the agent of change you have the potential to be.


MA in International Development

Our program offers an in-depth exploration of the development field. By following an interdisciplinary approach, we make sure you develop a broader and more integrated perspective of the field.

The program works on building a lucid understanding of the dynamics of the field and establishing a comprehensive knowledge base of relevant economic concepts and models.


Who are our graduates?

Paving the path for change through their contributions, our graduates have assumed leadership positions in influential institutions such as United Nations Agencies, The World Bank, bilateral donor representative offices/projects, NGOs, and development finance institutions.

Our graduates are well equipped to assume technical positions in government departments directly concerned with development planning and evaluation on both Micro and Macro levels.


This program is the right choice for you, if:

  • You want to promote economic well-being for your country, your region or the world.

  • You want to make a difference

*Both the Master of Arts in economics and the Master of Arts in Economics in International Development (MA ECONID) are accredited by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Universities.

Alumni Testimonials

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