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Why today is the right time for an MBA?

Dynamic political regimes, evolving economic systems, and ever-changing social landscapes have become the new norm. In such a vibrant setting, keeping up with change is a challenging task on its own. Meanwhile, the corporate world keeps growing in complexity, competitiveness, and uncertainty; it’s survival of the fittest in today’s business world.

Any way you look at it, from an everyday life perspective or a business world outlook, today’s world is changing and you need to step up if you plan on doing more than surviving.

Why AUC School of Business is the right place to look?

At AUC School of Business, we believe you should do more than ride the wave of change, we believe in empowering individuals capable of steering the tides of change and thriving in dynamic environments.

Our MBA is a bespoke program designed for individuals, of any background, who seek to stay at the top of their game. If you’re looking for a gateway to access managerial positions, an MBA is a right direction. But, if you’re looking for a way to excel at the managerial level, an MBA at AUC is the right choice.


MBA Program in Africa
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QS Global MBA Ranking 2021

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What We Offer

Shaping you into a competent global business leader is more than a headline. We’ve tailored our MBA program to become a stepping stone to new professional heights and aptitudes for all those seeking empowerment and growth.

An International Experience

The program will expose you to a deep and nuanced understanding of global market perceptions and realities. Building on that, the program will walk you through the steps of effectively working in a multicultural environment with the help of specially designed co-curricular activities.

Experiential Learning

The MBA program provides you with a strong understanding of real-life business practices and provides you with international experiences that are crucial in maneuvering today's dynamic and cross bordered business world.

Fellowships and Financial Aid

Fellowships are highly competitive awards. They are open to new students and may also be available to continuing graduate students who display superior performance in their academic endeavors, depending on the availability of allocated funds for a given fellowship award. 

Admission Requirements

Learn about the graduate admission requirements checklist to complete the application.

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