Accounting Minor


Accounting is a foundational business function as it not only facilitates communication of financial information between business ventures and their key stakeholders but also acts as an invaluable basis by which business owners make informed business decisions. This minor will give you the chance to learn about the vital aspects of Accounting which include auditing, taxation, risk management, and more in an immersive and hands-on manner by solving case studies, conducting field visits to relevant business entities, and engaging in competitions all under the supervision of expert faculty members, many of which have years of experience in accounting-related domains.


If you are looking to minor in Accounting:*

  1. Students who seek to minor in accounting must have already declared another major and completed ACCT 2001 with a minimum grade of B and ACCT 2002 with a minimum grade of B.

  2. The minor weighted GPA = Overall GPA at time of declaration x 60% + (average GPA in ACCT 2001 and ACCT 2002) x 40%


*Students seeking any of the following degrees are not permitted to minor in accounting:

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration in Management of Information and Communication Technology

  2. Bachelor of Business and Entrepreneurship

  3. Bachelor of Business in Finance

  4. Bachelor of Business in Marketing


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