AUC School of Business Executive Education partners with the Ministry of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform to enhance skills of Egyptian Entrepreneurs

Ministry of Planning

Alaa Idris, Associate Provost, AUC and Ghada Khalil, Director of Rowad 2030 program, Ministry of Planning, Monitoring and Administrative Reform signed a memorandum of understanding to enhance the skills and business acumen of Egyptian entrepreneurs.

The cooperation entails enhancing the skill set of 200 young Egyptian entrepreneurs over a span of two years. The AUC School of Business Executive Education training program is designed to help entrepreneurs launch new ventures and to use this program as a learning vehicle to learn how to effectively run their own business by introducing the ground knowledge needed in different fields for any startup project. 

This program is divided into two different phases. The first phase is intense 15 training days introducing the essential knowledge and skills needed to be acquainted by an entrepreneur starting from how to start a project, analyze its risk, market it, operate it with its best quality and finance it. The second phase is a capstone project for participants to practically apply the skills they learned in the first phase.

The agreement comes within the framework of Rowad 2030 Initiative, which aims to enhance the field of innovation and entrepreneurship in various sectors and establish an economy based on creativity that is capable to compete and contribute significantly to achieve the country’s desired economic development.