AUC School of Business Executive Education Unveils New Programs

Revamp ExecEd

Marking the start of a new chapter for the AUC School of Business Executive Education, the “Business Reconfigured” chapter replaces the previously operating one-size-fits-all model to a more focused progressive programs portfolio.


On December 12, an unveiling event was held to celebrate the launch of six newly revamped programs to be offered by the AUC School of Business Executive Education in four functional areas starting from February 2020, namely in the areas of marketing, management, people and organizations, and healthcare.


Before the official launch, keynote speaker Hany Mahmoud, engineer and former minister of communications and information technology, gave a talk on the future of work. In his talk, Mahmoud highlighted the big four trends that will set the stage for the next ten years and impact training and development, being: connectively, going mobile, thinking global, and enhancing personalization. Mahmoud communicated how connectively is becoming more important than ever, and due to that people want to be able to achieve things on the go and will not accept limited scopes. He also elaborated on the idea that in today's interconnected world despite the different cultures and values, the similarities between countries are increasing. Business schools have to be exposed and always updated with global happenings, however, personalization will always remain key to the experience of each student or program participant.


Mohamed AbdelSalam, executive director of Executive Education then welcome attendees and spoke on the reason behind the revamp of the programs. “We’ve always believed in the value of change and the importance of evolution. The AUC School of Business executive education programs have always fostered a culture of learning. We always look at our successes as well as our missteps and continuously re-invent ourselves time after time to be relevant to the needs of businesses in Egypt and the region”, stated AbdelSalam.


The new progressive programs portfolio attests to this commitment by offering different types of teaching and learning programs depending on the lifecycle of the participants, with the ultimate aim of learning objectives being addressed throughout the entire cycle. The new well-defined customer-oriented proposition will allow everyone, starting from the professional to the aspiring executive, to choose the right and suitable level that will help them throughout their career development.


The programs are designed in a pyramid approach, consisting of a foundation level, an intermediate level, and an advanced level, with the aim of having a solution for all, whether the employee or the executive. The instructional design of the programs include aspects of experiential learning methodologies that create a balance between theory and practice so that alumni of the programs could return to their companies and be able to implement change immediately and not require retraining.


Furthermore, the University is well known for its impressive core curriculum, which provides its students with an all-rounded experience, giving them an edge in the market. On that note, our executive education programs incorporate this element in the new programs, through requiring participants of both diplomas and certificates to take business acumen courses of their choice, to create a layer of participants who speak a common business language and provide them with a relevant set of 21st century skills.


“We want to move the programs from the regular stamp of approval that participants seek, to a benchmark for talent that determines the capabilities of a person for the employers”, adds Abdelsalam.


A multi-location delivery system will also be introduced, where the programs will be offered in the AUC New Cairo campus, AUC Tahrir Square campus, and in Sheikh Zayed, to be closer and accessible for all applicants to enroll in their desired programs. The programs will operate on a semester basis, with rounds being offered in February, June, and September.  The duration of certificates is approximately three semesters, spanning over an academic year on average, while certificates are shorter, lasting for a sequential period of four to six months. By September 2020, all Executive Education programs will be revamped.


The revamp of the programs has been a work in progress for over a year. Mohamed Kesseba, director of open enrollment programs, highlights how the revamp came about: “The most important element of the revamp over the span of a year is listening. We gained a 360 view of the market needs through listening to participants and how they define ‘best in class- as in: in the classroom, methodology, instructor and areas’ and we talked with experts from all areas. There was always an open channel between us and the relevant people.”


The AUC School of Business executive education programs have for many years been the leading regional platform for world-class executive education and networking, empowering present and rising business leaders to master the necessary tools to grow their businesses in a challenging global environment. We are fortunate and proud to build on our history and pledge to set the bar high for developing executives and business leaders in Egypt and the region.


To learn more about the new program offerings, visit this link